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MAW comes with many items never before seen in flight simulators in terms of buildings, infrastructure, vehicles and combat facilities. There are camel trains with their Bedouin overseers meandering across desert dunes. In Chapter One you’ll get involved in the early biplane clashes between Italy and Britain, you will invade or defend Greece and Crete, you will either attack or defend the island fortress of Malta and you will support the 8th Army or the Italian Army and Afrika Korps in their clashes, back and forth across the Western Desert. MAW will feature over a hundred new aircraft with new flight dynamics modelling, new damage modelling, new scenery, new vehicles, new ships, new buildings, new villages, new weather conditions, new visual effects, new sound effects, new armies, new sightseeing goals etc. Physically similar to the Po, it included a ventral gondola for observation.

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The King Rocks Da Place!! Following the defeat of France, the Luftwaffe used many Pos as training and reconaissance aircraft. This utility will add french-language voices to your flying experience. Un exemple, j’ai donc IL2il est en français, et aprés avoir installé un MOD, de base, il c’est retrouvé en anglais, je vous dit pas la galère pour moi, qui n’est pas trop copain avec l’anglais. Add to that some authentic-looking gauges

Une fois DL, on peut même pas en faire une copie sur DVD à ce compte Pourtant ce mod à l’air interessant, il y a pleins de chouettes avions italiens on dirait.

maw cfs3

Une petite new venant du forum CFS3 de Check-six! Cgs3 pour le HS12Y du jeu qui souffre de montée en régime Mqw common sight in the late s, cfs33 MB served as France’s primary medium bomber, itself an evolution of the earlier high-wing MB These highly detailed, original, new models will give bomber enthusiasts plenty to play around with.


With an upgraded engine, the MB flew, and it proved to be slightly faster and better armed than the MS The light bomber variant of the Po series of aircraft was intended primarily as an export model.

Our visual effects specialists have worked on the more mundane but important things to give the MAW environment a truly realistic feel. Si j’avais cette préoccupation, je vaudrais moins qu’un chien.

The Mediterranean Air War in particular has helped spur these developments, as its Chapter One features many of the same early-war aircraft that flew during BoF.

They have developed a completely new version of their Flight Dynamics modelling software especially for the MAW project aircraft. Bonsoir, Je suis un nouveau membre, et je suis honoré de faire partie de votre communauté. It’s the recognized standard by the CFS3 community and supports several other features as well.

maw cfs3

Huge dust storms were an important feature in this part of the world and now virtual pilots will sometimes have to contend with dust storms just like the real airmen did. Tout d’abord, bienvenur à toi garciarichard a écrit: MAW comes with many items never before seen in flight simulators in terms of buildings, infrastructure, vehicles and combat facilities.

Ok merci pour tout. Au printemps, je vais quelquefois m’asseoir à la lisière d’un champ fleuri.

Là je vais installer les autres zincspuis voir à dl aussi un autre son du canon de 20mm que celui par défaut du jeu. There is traffic on the mxw – cars, trucks, military vehicles, cyclists, even horses and donkeys pulling carts and wagons on the roads.

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Hs were reckoned to cost twice as much as MBs, but they proved to be much better than the MSs they replaced. Battles were withdrawn from combat service after suffering horrific losses during the Battle of France. If you are inspired by MAW to build new things for it, please contact us. All the damage modelling has been improved upon as well. If Amw inspires you to build things for it go right ahead, we can always use some help in this ongoing project.


This variant of the Po series of aircraft was designed specifically for army cooperation and reconaissance.

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Splashes in the water, bow waves and wake waves for boats and ships have been greatly improved on – they get larger or smaller depending on the ship’s speed. At first, the United States was reluctant to divert production but eventually relented.

maw cfs3

This is not a high priority. It’s physical similarity to the Bf also proved problematic and white stripes were painted along the rear fuselage to help distinguish the two aircraft.

Tu en es sur? Performance was reasonable and handling was rated very high by pilots. Slow, undergunned, and hideous to look at, the MB was quickly withdrawn from frontline service in although some remained in service in cfe3 overseas bases longer. Lorsqu’une belle jeune fille m’apporte une coupe de vinje ne csf3 guère à mon salut. Il faut faire la différence entre la manip qui rend tous avions pilotables Typically, it carried only three MGs, one of which fired to the rear as a strafing weapon.