A stone slips from his hand and hits Brutus on the head. He clamors for justice. Brutus tries to rebut Hannah and Ezra, but the Emperor insists that justice must be done. Hannah cries over her foster father’s dead body. By navigating the site, you consent to our use of cookies. It looks like your cookies are disabled.

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Most of these works are copyright protected and wherever known to best of my knowledge, the due credits of singer, lyricist, music director etc have been mentioned.

Yeh Mera Diwanapan Hai

Hannah sees the Princess at her doorstep and denies her entry. Brutus orders them to stop. Then comes the day of the marriage of Prince Marcus and Princess Octivia. Your password has been successfully updated. Ezra declines to kill Lydia and adopts the child. Retrieved from ” https: Instructions to verify your account have been sent Done.

Available on the Appstore Get it on Google Play. For details and controls, see our Cookie Policy. She is followed by Princess Octivia.


A stone slips from his hand and hits Brutus on the head.

By navigating the site, you consent to our use of cookies. This recording isn’t ready yet. Prince Marcus then reveals who he is, making Hannah very upset who banishes the Prince from her life. Sing and be part of the Smule community!

But Hannah soon notices that something isn’t right. He then disguises himself as a Jew and goes back into the Jewish area. Hearing this, Ezra rapidly returns from his trip and mefa at the doorstep of Brutus. In the beginning, Ezra is due to leave. Ezra is shocked, and Brutus, filled with happiness, sentences Hannah and Ezra to death.

Yeh mera deewanapan hai ya mohabbat ka suroor…

Send me occasional email updates. Brutus immediately gets Elijah arrested, and as Elijah is a Jew, sentences him to death. Hannah Meena Kumari grows into a beautiful young lady and attracts attention from many. Report Community Violation Copyright Infringement. Ezra tells Brutus that Hannah is Brutus’ daughter and the Jew tells the guards to throw Hannah into the boiling oil.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Redirecting you to Account Kit phone number login. Add genres as tags to help organize the songbook for others. He clamors for justice. Available on the Appstore. Shankar Jaikishan Shailendra lyrics. In revenge, Emmanuel kidnaps Lydia, motherless daughter of Brutus, and takes her to Ezra.

Chords for Ye mera deewanapan hai ya mohabbat ka suroor

Set in the era of the Roman Empire over years ago, it focuses upon the persecution of Jews at that time in the empire’s centre – Rome. Brutus is confused and says that this is Ezra’s hwi and accuses the Jew of lying. Posted by Gaurav Mehendiratta at