Cautions for Peak Fitting Some graduate students believe that the fitting parameters for the best fitted spectrum is the “final answer”. After about half year, a patch was received from Microsoft, and the problem was solved by simply recompiling the program 2. Therefore, the user can customize the program options by saving the selections into the default. Histograms, statistics and randomness. The asymmetrical peak function. Kwok This version of the program was written in Visual Basic 6.

xpspeak 4.1

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Remember, from the original experiment files, each region of each file will now be a separate file. Therefore, the user can customize the program options by saving the selections into the default. Click on Open button Saving Parameters 1.

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Other regions are after annealing 5. XPS file for later use. If someone finds out how to perform this operation, please let me know. Regions 4 and 8 are the sample just after S-treatment 4.

Open further files by clicking on the next available region number then following the above step. See the back of the Vision Software manual for details of how to do this. 44.1 Parameters This program uses the following asymmetric Gaussian-Lorentzian sum function 6. Alteration in lipid and protein profiles of ovarian cancer: Histograms, statistics and randomness.


The asymmetrical peak function.

Using XPS Peak – University of Warwick

In the meantime, I suggest you do the shift before converting your files from the Vision Software format. Make sure your data files have been xpsspeak to text files.

Most of the information in this users guide has come directly from the readme. The background subtraction calculation cannot completely remove the spspeak signals. In the XPS Peak Processing lower window, left click on 2 second regionwhich makes this region active 3. ZIP file and run Setup.

Since the region shift xpspwak into account the Fermi level shift, the peak positions can be easily referenced for the same chemical components in different regions, i. See note below 2.

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To save a file click on the Save XPS button in the lower window 2. Click on a peak number to start adjusting the parameters for that peak. You may also read in the parameter file: Use Open XPS to retrieve the xpspeao.


Regions files Synthetic Peaks 1. PAR for further calculations e. I hope this program will be useful for people without modern XPS software.

xpspeak 4.1

The Newton’s Method or Binary Search Method can be selected by clicking the “use” selection box of that method. Kwok This version of the program was written in Visual Basic 6. Region Parameters Region Parameters are the boundaries or limits you have used to set up the background and peaks for your files.

xpspeak 4.1

Then he added the dreamed features into the program, e. Each parameter can be referenced to the same type of parameter in other peaks. Flinn for the routine of reading Leybold ascii format, Prof. Choose directory and file name 3.

DAT for making high quality figures using other software e. Nothing will happen otherwise.