We look forward to the future to expand on our accomplishments using the experience we’ve gained. Places mtext object from external file. Option to automatically join affected geometry. It contains over functions designed with one purpose in mind, to save you time. Open, save or xref attach multiple drawings in one step.

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Adds an mtext object containing fields to the bounding box center of multiple objects. The toolbar provides access to primary functions such a delete that always deletes toplpac layer while a right click menu allows numerous additional functions.

toolpac 12

Draw multiple independent hatchs. Immediately purges all external objects xrefs, images, underlays from the current drawing. A resizeable group dialog including a grid for the data with in-cell editing and more.


Edit the fields embedded in an annotation object. Generates a detailed html table report showing the differences between current loaded styles. Faster processors, graphics cards, etc. Automatically vectorize rasters inside the PDF. Joins multiple secondary tables to the bottom of a primary.


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For example you could set properties, variables, then purge as the final process. Results are optionally linked to allow automatic update on drawing open. Pick any linear object then specify the distance along the object and offset.

Draw polylines by distances and numerous angle options. Change, copy or scale the radius of circles or arcs. Collects multiple inserts at the same insertion point and replaces them with a single block inheriting all like attributes.

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Notes manager allowing placement and updating of existing notes. Counts occurrences of text strings or words in a selection set of annotation objects. Quick compare multiple drawings in separate folders, including subfolders, also reports missing or additional files. The common definition files can be placed in a shared location on a server volume. ToolPac is in use today by thousands of architects, engineers, and designers! Numerous additional tools and dozens of refinements to existing tools detailed list.

toolpac 12

As each symbol or collection of symbols is added to the manager, it is assigned a group name. Keyboard command oriented tool, useful for house perimeters, etc. Check in often to find out the latest. Create a drawing book from multiple plotted pdf files!


Fills attributes with values from CAD variables. Search for text across multiple pdfs.

DotSoft ToolPac

Displays a thumbnail of linked images in a resizable preview window as you move the crosshair over objects such as polyline house outlines. Export XYZ point information from objects. Generate a hatch pattern 21 a selection of geometry. You can create or update these slides by the thousands in minutes using the included slide creation tool.

toolpac 12

Fully compatible with the new AutoCAD Attribute of blocks with a block property such as elevation with rounding options for numerical results. Specify multiple parameters to be considered found, and multiple values to replace. No need to undo which undoes additional work you want to keep!