How do you configure groups of terminals? Chapter 25 – ThinManager Security. Part 20 – Citrix ICA. Chapter 9 – Configuration Wizards. What keystrokes are useful with WinTMC? How do I display the camera feed on a thin client? Question PDF How to shadow?

thinmanager 6.0

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Chapter 7 – Menu Items. Can I change the logo on reports?

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Chapter 30 – Troubleshooting. Individual Chapters of the ThinManager 5.

Chapter 15 – Modules. My screen saver requires a login to clear. How can I automatically kill locked up applications?

How do you configure terminals? How can I get a report about ThinManager components? Chapter 30 – Glossary of Terms.

thinmanager 6.0

How do I automatically backup my configuration? Chapter 19 – Multiple Monitors. What keystrokes are useful with WinTMC? Part 20 – Citrix ICA. What touch screen module should I use? Part 12 – Terminal Configuration.


thinmanager 6.0

Part 33 – Microsoft Licenses. What data does the TermMon ActiveX provide? Part 23 – Virtualization. Chapter 26 – TermSecure. The following sections have condensed versions of topics that are being added daily. What does the TermMon ActiveX do? How do I set up Camera Display Servers?

How do I display the camera feed on a thin client? What should I do before deploying ThinManager? Chapter 18 – Hotkeys. Part 27 – Shadowing. What do I need to know about Microsoft Terminal Services?

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Question PDF What licenses are required? How do I use USB with thin clients?

Chapter 26 – Permissions. Chapter 17 – Citrix ICA. Part 25 – Reports.

thinmanager 6.0

Part 32 – Windows Server PDF format TM 4.