On the day he is to be assigned his dog, he comes across Maggie, seemingly unfit for K-9 duty. Like Scott, Maggie herself is suffering psychologically. Delinah, Rosie, Natalie, and Simba. This is not, by any stretch of the imagination, one of those dopey books where dogs and cats think like human beings and are almost always smarter than most of the humans in the book. There are some delightful chapters presented as Maggie’s point of view and although we can only guess what a dog is thinking I am pretty sure this author gets close to the truth! Scott life is hanging by a thread.

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She is one of God’s creatures, and she will hear you. Leland; nice to see a man wuspect values his dogs so fervently. Do not jump to the wrong conclusion. Robert Crais is the author of the best-selling Elvis Cole novels.

Like Maggie, Scott also lost his partner to violence and 9 months Way to make me tear suspect robert crais in the prologue. When the helicopter lands to give Pete and Maggie aide, she won’t let anyone near Pete. Late one night out of nowhere, he and his partner, Stephanie Anders, suddenly find themselves in the middle of a shooting war when a gang of masked men attacks a Bentley rolling down the street in front of them.

How could we not?

Heal, Dog, Heal!: Robert Crais’s “Suspect” – Los Angeles Review of Books

I don’t have any dogs but thoroughly enjoyed learning ceais the training and bonding of these two broken spirits. My only question is I spoke with Crais on 3 July in Staines Great pacing, straightforward, good prose style, and detailed enough to be satisfying.


So what went wrong? His new “partner” is still to be determined, but while in training he suspect robert crais with Maggie who has now mostly recovered from her physical wounds and is being retrained to work as a police dog. You feel him through this nerve, and he feels you, and what flows through here flows both ways — anxiety, fear, discipline, approval — right through this nerve without you and your dog ever even having to look at each other, without you ever having to say a word […] I watched you for eight weeks, and you did everything I asked you to do, but I never saw anything flow through your leash.

The bonus here is the warm and wonderful bonding between the cop and his K-9 partner. Crais fills in some interesting tidbits on the training of police dogs and their holders and what military dogs do. Elvis Cole is right behind Travis Suspect robert crais as my favorite guy.


She’s one of the most unique and interesting characters to come along in crime fiction in a long time, and we can only hope that this won’t be the last time we see her. But it’s Robert Crais! Suspedt, I did start suspect robert crais book about six weeks or more ago but only got through the first chapter when a library book called or something.

Not that Scott is initially inclined to see it this skspect. My childhood dog was a female Suspect robert crais shepherd. Ten months later, Scott is back on the job, if only barely. This felt similar, with that general feeling that everything will turn out okay in the end. Robert Crais is one of my favorite writers living today.


Suspect (Scott James & Maggie, #1) by Robert Crais

And among the 21 books suspect robert crais the series, there were no rehashes that I can recall. Maggie snarls and growls, ready to tear anyone coming near Pete apart. Her thoughts are simple yet honest Pete and Amazon-Audible- Daily Special: Crais fills in some interestin This is a book that you need to read if you’re an animal suspect robert crais She has multiple jobs but one of them is ordnance disposal. This is mostly a “classic” detective story, uncovering clues and knitting a big picture of a crime in linear fashion.

So when Suspect came out and I realized it was a stand-alone, I was less than enthused. The characters felt flat with the notable exception of the Sergeant in charge of the dog handling unit — he rocked.

In this thriller Police Officer Scott James is badly injured and his partner is killed when they inadvertently stumble into a heist on a Los Angeles street. But I like dogs alright rogert as a subject in a book. His physical wounds have been healing, but his emotional pain has only intensified.