Tech N9ne – Never Stray feat. Phil sawyer – In existence. Ubiquitous] Spit it sicker than these sycophants Keep your dick up in your pants You were blunted on the block Me, I had some different plans I’m trying to get to France Sniffing grams Hit a branch Independent Powerhouse Vibin’ out with the fam Waking up in different cities Every night hittin’ grants Stay prepared for this I’m bearing witness to this sinner man Stripper dance with cinnamon Clubbin’ with my gentlemen Drink away the nights events Nothing worth remembering Squad will run up in this bitch Mobbin’ like some immigrants Jack you for your paper stack Rob you of your innocence Taping of the scene of crimes Swabbing for my fingerprints Thought about my life You thought the same And couldn’t think of shit Ha! The Lost Scripts of K. Vicki sue robinson – My stomp, my beat. On the chart dated December 12, , Strangeulation Vol. II Studio album by Tech N9ne.

strangeulation cypher tech n9ne

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Bernz] Tank full of petro Bank full of paesos Pull on my tour bus Etch on a payroll Feel like I be killin’ it Famous on the internet Really I’m just wingin’ it Cookin’ shit on my Kitchenett Life so good Right now I need to celebrate Bout to sell a stadium out And turn it into rake Look at how the industry norm Has started lookin’ Strange All my brothers riding the storm While they just ride the cypheg Caviar wishes Bitches for my bitches Black shades and hoodies And spots and white linens Feel like Sam Kinison Preachin’ to these citizens Screamin’ at the saints You ain’t ever gonna get rid of us Guessin’ that I just cleaned my plate So now I’m gettin’ cake Speedin’ down the interstate Yellin’ get out the fuckin’ way We plant flags in the ground Because we here to stay And bring my whole hood out And have my own parade [Verse 7: Steve ‘Flash’ Juon of RapReviews gave the album a seven out of ten, saying “It’s a good album, even an above average album, one I’d be happy I bought at the merch table whether I was showing love or not and whether it came with a collector’s coin that as much as I like it I feel may get misplaced once I put this CD on the shelf.


The album was released on May 6,by Strange Music. This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat Tech N9ne – My Own Zone feat. Tech N9ne – Night and Day. Aaron YatesMichael Summers.

strangeulation cypher tech n9ne

Tech N9ne – Clueless. US Independent Albums Billboard [19]. Vicki sue robinson – My stomp, my beat. Strangeulation was met with generally positive reviews from music critics.

Tech N9ne – Serial Killas. Retrieved from ” https: Oedipus – Final descent.

Strangeulation Cypher

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Phil sawyer – Pana kama dunia. Tech N9ne stranyeulation F. Welcome to Strangeland Strangeulation Strangeulation Vol.

strangeulation cypher tech n9ne

Ryan Bradley – “Over It ” “. The album debuted at number 5 on the Billboard chart, with first-week sales of 36, copies in the United States.

Mackenzie O’Guin – “Fear ” “. Tech N9ne – The Grench. I purposely wrote this verse Just to murder, dismember, defecate Disassemble the limbs Of a nigga who try and separate Artistry from nonfiction Im sent with a conviction To sentence you pons Givin’ the benz on my diction There he goes Speakin’ bout how he murk a beat Smellin’ himself Why else would he flaunt about it so verbally Dance around me Like I was a paraplegic In a do-si-do competition Lookin pissed like I never heard of feet Yadda Yadda A whole lotta yappin’ About my rappin’ When I’m the captain Of crunchin’ you niggas milky dreams Im the comparison of Pac’s face Staring in your face Mock razor blades cut Leave you crispy clean Don’t ask Tech Ask me if it’s questions Guarantee that he tell you That I’m the best And Im destined To find a snake and a bat Helpin’ Kansas City’s progression Hopin’ I hurt the feelings Of whoever second guessed it Cause everybody talkin’ Imma make you niggas hear me Mind control flow Now: Articles with hAudio microformats.

The Lost Scripts of K.

Strangeulation Vol. II – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on October 29, stranngeulation Hahaha chuj tam czarnuchu: Martin lawrence, will smith – God sent you interlude. Prayin’ that for hell Felon to sell and slept on a bed of nails like nothing I’ve ever felt Ghost in a shell, was molded with other demons as if I needed some help or a host to preserve the heathen Got it, my brain is rotted I swear to God that I’m not it I’m set to go to the gallow as soon as the rope is knotted I ain’t high as the fire and I have unused adrenaline Came in the cypher clean, still smelling like strqngeulation cinnamon Then N9je in, enemy of the state, I’m straight at an angle Stop risking and quit your bitchin’, it ain’t like I’m raping an Angel Said I was magnifique, ya’ll fuckin’ with it, capiche?


Tech N9ne – Breathe. Retrieved December 1, Gaby moreno, darren drew, brian reidinger, drew lerda – Work of art. Murs] Aww shit, they strangeultion around and signed a backpacker Smart, rich, handsome, plus he’s not a bad rapper Steangeulation just a little local talent that fucked around and made it big Underground bully, pickin’ on all these famous kids And the danger is, now I’m doin’ Stranger biz About to make the world forget about what a major is Independent Powerhouse, running all these cowards out My enemies are all forgotten, wishin’ I would shout em out And I xypher want to hear a rapper harmonize unless He thuggish, ruggish, Lazy, Krayzie, Bizzy, Wish or Flesh But maybe I’m just hatin’ cuz my black ass could never sing Fuck that autotune I hope the Futures filled with better things And you a fucking liar if you say you found a better team Impossible!

Welcome to Strangeland Strangeulation Strangeulation Vol.

Strangeulation is the fourteenth studio album by American rapper Tech N9nethe fifth in his “Collabos” series. Yates Safron Summer Williams.

strangeulation cypher tech n9ne

Yates Nicholas Carter Viglione Summers.