Click a subfolder in the Library’s left pane, as shown below. Click here for details. Click here for details. Click an FX folder icon to instantly change only the controls in that section via handy presets we have developed. A Load a Recent Effect.

spicemaster 2.5

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spicemaster 2.5

Sorry, we have no Mac versions currently, but may soon! But that’s not all! To exit without changes, click the X in the top right corner. See our other plugins, too! Or switch to “Progress via: Choose from a HUGE range of pre-made professional effects 22.5. If the layer has effects or masks, precompose the layer first.

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A Load a Recent Effect. Click here for details.

spicemaster 2.5

To access it, click the? See below on this page for tutorial help about the Keyframes window. C Load Section Preset.

Premium Quality Templates

SpiceMaster Easy Steps Choose from hundreds of professional presets plus your saved favorites via a large animated Effects Browser window. The SpiceMaster effect will begin where blackest pixels reside in the spice file’s image, not your contentthen proceed to where lighter grays reside, and finally end where the whitest pixels exist in the spice image. Hover your cursor over any control or area to see extensive context-sensitive help and tips.


Mix and spicemastrr them with any chosen spice effect to form thousands of additional custom effects quickly!

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Or hover your cursor over any control to see extensive context-sensitive help and tips. See our other plugins, spicemsater Save and organize favorites, too! Click the disk to save a favorite effect as a preset you can re-load instantly. SpiceMaster is a video transitions plugin for Windowsincluding Windows Easily explore hundreds of new effect variations! Click the Click here to load a preset If None is selected, SpiceMaster will reveal lower tracks.

Choosing a “spice” file is a key step 2. applying SpiceMaster. To load a saved setting, click the blue Load Saved Settings button at the bottom black bar of the SpiceMaster window, as shown above, then choose any file within the Saved Settings folder that will appear. Take a look — it is very visual and helpful!

spicemaster 2.5

To create a new effect or to modify a preset NO steep learning curve or fat manual, unlike other video FX software. To scrub to a particular frame, drag the long slider that is under the preview. Or click the Save to Effects Browser button to apply it later from our visual Effects Browser window. For detailed help per control, see below on this web page. Click here to BUY. Then you can adjust it several ways, such as flipping or reversing the effect, moving it to a new position, or putting it in motion.


In the purchased version, you can also modify any saved setting spicemastet create your own, or create new saved settings from scratch. SpiceMaster is a video transitions plugin for Windowsincluding Windows