I don’t know whether it’s big enough for you, but the custom world I’ve liked best so far, design-wise, is called Riverblossom Hills. I do suggest getting the following though, as they’re used fairly regularly or for importantish things: I do think that lack of a story mod can mess you up though. You have the choice of not downloading the content, though the world won’t look like the pictures: Anyhow, I’m not sure, I had far less problems with Aniegos than with Redcliffs.

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Sixtyten August 16, at 4: Friday August 16, at 2: Link Reply Parent Thread. Some things are bound to be missed, but I mean, its probably not a major, likely just some piece of deco or a chair or something that I have forgotten about. Too bad it has tons of cc my DCBackup folder had 73 files after sims 3 redcliffs. The move did solve the problem, though, and it’s playing slick as a whistle now.

Anonymous August 16, at 9: For example, you have roads running through what was apparently a larger field earlier in history, and which has later been cut in two by road construction.


CC is not acceptable and there are many other worlds that are at least as beautiful as RedCliffs. I have a bit, more sins, and a cleaned out hard-drive, and Redcliffs got corrupted all the time. I have been looking for a non-tropical world for a while now.

Erica August 16, sims 3 redcliffs 1: The houses are pretty and have variety. Moreover to share it and freely is something we should be thankful for.

I don’t understand and quite frankly loathe those who have this consumerist reaction of “wanting to know what they’re getting before pushing the button” should take things in perspective It feels sims 3 redcliffs down to earth, and I had a lot less errors and foibles with it so far than with Redcliffs, which contained a lot of CC.

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This is stunning and I can see that a lot of time, thought and effort has gone into creating this beautiful world. Jin-Ah August 16, at 4: Anonymous Sims 3 redcliffs 17, at 9: Anonymous August 17, at That was certainly a useful tip!

The whole landscape looks naturally grown rather than designed in one go, as many others do. Previous Entry Next Entry.


Few bits of CC wont kill anyone, but will make such a difference in a world. Glimmerling August 16, at redcljffs Rumor has it that some user-made worlds are really large. It’s absolutely beautiful and perfect for my game.

But I really like the layout, and the effort you put in, is obvious.

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Download at AweSims thanks, K: It is sims 3 redcliffs a beautiful world and she made so much effort and sime pain making it. Didn’t know it carried over into communities! I just love the entire terrain. Saves me time from having to delete hideous EA-created sims from moving in. This could be a coastal town in the northwest with a few tree changes. I do think that lack of a story mod can mess you up though.

I’ve got all the Store stuff so that shouldn’t have been the problem.