The readers cannot see Bahram as much different from the other white merchants, and are forced to see him as culpable as the rest. This book embroidered further on the tale of hardship and human follies around the greedy lords of opium. Nov 02, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: This all works very well, although one can see exactly what Ghosh is doing – a case of the scaffolding rather on view. See 1 question about River of Smoke…. But I think I admire this book over anything I’ve ever read thus far and I finally realize, good grief, Doug, don’t try to write any more.

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The essential vastness of scope necessitates that characters either undertake grand odysseys or suffer major inner transformations.

Ghosh spends only a few paragraphs talking about the fate of the Ibis convicts, and those are disjointed and superficial. It is a hook-ending—we have invested in the stories of four of these five characters—which leads us to pick up the second novel, River of Smoke, in anticipation. The story is told mainly from the perspective of four foreigners, three of whom I was first introduced to in Sea of Poppies.

I honestly couldn’t read the letters.

River of Smoke: Ibis Trilogy Book 2: : Amitav Ghosh: Books

Other Reviews in this Issue. River of Smoke follows the story through to Canton in China, where the opium is sold. Read more Read less. Of course Paulette, interested in botany, is happy to be on the journey. If you didn’t know the river of smoke amitav ghosh in any detail before I did but that’s because of my student days you will learn a lot, and be most entertained along the way.

Ghosh makes clear how despicable the English were – and the East Indian Co. Get to Know Us. David Davidar writing in Outlook notes “Conventional wisdom has it that in the age of Twitter long striders in the world of fiction are doomed to extinction.


The colours are quite different though, brighter and more varied: He, of course, can write beautifully and there are moments of great poignancy e. Amitav Ghosh is the internationally bestselling author of many works river of smoke amitav ghosh fiction and nonfiction, including The Glass Palaceand is the recipient of numerous awards and prizes. I am about to begin the final book in the trilogy, Flood of Fire, and I can’t wait. After the incidents on Ibis, which was caught in a storm and eventually ended up in Mauritius, but with a few passengers less, the story help in this xmoke begins from where it left off.

River of Smoke – Wikipedia

She also goes on to lament “The novel feels stitched together clumsily in a few places. River of Smoke is the second volume of a proposed trilogy. That Bahram is Hindusthani, ghosj colonial subject, for whom to rise in gyosh world must have meant doing substantially better than his white competition, often at the cost of forgoing the notions of right and wrong, etc.

It is too late to be intrigued by new characters, but neither is it time for the climactic scenes. Despite the engaging conceit, however, it is here the plot peters out: But Ghosh, charged with commitments to linguistic showmanship, to verisimilitude, to providing historical details in such quantity that the period seeps into the reader yes, it happensis at times too jaded when building credible circumstance that could allow or force characters to undertake their grand odysseys.

My heart is still stranded in that longboat paddling away from the Ibis!! The book did inspire me to go back and read James Clavell’s Tai-Pan, fo starts more or less as River of Smoke closes, and even stars many of the same characters, riveg with different amiyav.


Here we are primarily concentrating on the events in Canton, where the opium traders are at an impasse with the Chinese Commissioner, who is to put an end to the opium entering China at the request of the Emperor. The plot is set in Fanqui town, a small strip of land used by foreigners to trade with local Chinese river of smoke amitav ghosh, a year before the first opium war.

River of Smoke

This book bleeds culture on every page. Barred from docking in Canton as a foreign woman, Paulette sets an artist friend, Robin Chinnery, guosh task of discovering the plant: Works by Amitav Ghosh.

We are introduced to him and his cargo as they sail though a huge storm as he fights river of smoke amitav ghosh the real amitac of his losing his cargo and investment. It requires a lot of patience to finish. He is one of the opium smugglers,a devoted Parsi, who does not see that what he is doing is a crime and morally objectionable.

Neel joins Bahram as his Munshi. It is a marvellous tamasha that keeps common people busy that men like ourselves can take care of all matters of importance” or the frequent hypocritical declarations by various Smokw tradesmen on Free Market when it comes to opium trading.