Urdu 1 and A-Plus Entertainment Losing it is useless. Hah pyar hai, hooo Yeh pyar hai. Without you, no one else comes [with me]. Oh love, make my heart stay under control, Look at me with love sometime. I don’t have any care for the world.

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Yeh maana keh ankhoon os ansoon hai. Kata kya mujhse hogai? Zamaane ki parwa, mujhe nahi hai. Losing it is useless. Here paths are difficult. Meri dil ki, har dhadkan, tera liye hai. Bin tere, koi aur hi, aata nahi hai. I can hide my tears. To divide someone’s sadness, Is love, qarz ost.

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Chal mujh ko tere, siwa koi, aata nahi hai. Baarisho mein bigh jata hu mein Jab aanso mera choota he nahi.

Come back again, [the] heart says, qarz ost heart says. Ok fine it’s admitted that better than your own are strangers.


Hah pyar hai, hooo Yeh pyar hai. Kism kitne, sitam dil ye, ab sahe. How many types of sorrow should this heart bear?

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Magar issay jeenay ko dil, Tayar hai, hooo. Here, when fireflies light up, Then colors are made. It’s the court of love. Jalgaye qarz ost ke, karz abhi. Ok no one else comes qarz ost you. Bichar gaya wo bi, ab kahi. No one accepts me but you. Thursday, June 18, Alvida. It’s admitted that there’s tears in the eyes, In hearts stuck hopelessness. Without you, no one else comes [with me].

But only those are successful who work to try to obtain that desire. Yaha titliyan muskurati hai. But to live [this way] the heart, Is ready, hooo. What did I do wrong? My eyes, from your memories, Welled up, welled up.

Kisi keh ghum, ko batna, Hee pyar hai, haan Yeh pyar hai. Yeh zindagi gulzar hai. Ho, pyar karne walay, darte nahi hai. Here, holding onto sadness, Is useless, yes.


Lekin qamyab wohi hota hai jo us khwaish ko hasil karne kay liye koshish karta hai. When do paths really end They must osg beyond the home There’s qarz ost knock on the door coming We must be forgetting the order We must be forgetting the order “In this world every person desires something.