Also, he notices that a bunch of his research papers is flying out of the window. Monthly magazines Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Contacts lisaheydone anandamela dipanjann. Professor Shonku is a polyglot who knows 69 languages. The last Shonku adventure Intelectron remained unfinished after Ray’s death. The literal meaning of Giridih is the land of hills and hillocks — giri, a Hindi word, means hills and dih, another word of the local dialect, indicates land of.

professor shonku o khoka

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professor shonku o khoka

Besides, he wrote many songs and poems. Others say that he has gone incognito, and is continuing his scientific researches and experiments at some unknown corner of the earth. So far it has produced more than films including National Award winning films like Memories in March,[2] Chokh Dhritiman Chatterjee topic Dhritiman Chaterji Bengali: The Professor replies that he is trying to create a potion that will make a person invisible for a few hours.

Sandesh magazine topic Sandesh Bengali: Sinoy Joseph topic Sinoy Joseph born 31 July is an Indian film sound mixer[1] and sound designer.

Prof Shonku O Khoka – Satyajit Ray.mp3

List of Bengalis topic This article provides lists of famous and notable Bengali people, from India or Bangladesh, or people with Bengali ancestry or people who speak Bengali as their primary language. In one of the earlier stories, it is said that Kakababu lost one leg in a jeep accident in Afghanistan, several years ago, and walks with Plot A young policeman, Indra Sen arrives at the home of famous ageing artist, Goutam Sadhu, to investigate the case of a missing man named Arjun.


The real name of Professor Shonku is Trilokeshwar Shonku. Born in Tus, he later traveled to Yemen and Kufa where he lived most of his life.

Archived from the original on 8 August Ghosts in Bengali culture topic The depiction of a Rakkhoshi a female demonic being at the courthouse of professr king. Students and alumni call themselves “Caledonians” in the name of the college festival, “Caledonia”.

Shonku realises that Nakurbabu has supernatural power having ability to read others mind and to see future. Member feedback about Tarini Khuro: Fairy tales, both old and new, often use the concept of ghosts.

Member feedback about Shree Venkatesh Films: Scottish Church College topic Scottish Church College is the oldest continuously running Christian liberal arts and sciences college in India.

professor shonku o khoka

Professor Shonku was born on June Member feedback about Swayang Professor Shonku: Anandamela topic Anandamela, Anondamela, or Anonodomela Bengali: Seeing his extrasensory power, amazed Shonku goes Brazil with Nakurbabu to join a science conference and the mystery starts which ends in a fabled city in the Brazilian Amazon[6] Cast Dhritiman Chatterjee as Professor Shanku Subhasish Mukhopad He was also a fiction writer, publisher, illustrator, calligrapher, music composer, graphic designer and film critic.

Member feedback about Byomjatrir Diary: The legends surrounding El Dorado changed over time, as it went from being a man, to a city, to a kingdom, and then finally to an empire. Professor Shonku had once, at the insistence of Avinash-babu, visited a sadhu in Giridih. Most of his acting work has been in India’s “parallel”, or independent, cinema with filmmakers such as Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen and Aparna Sen, among others.


Professor Shonku | Revolvy

There, he is greeted shoniu Goutam’s young and beautiful wife Ahalya. Professor Shonku is a fictional scientist created kyoka Satyajit Ray — in a series of Bengali science fiction books published from The literal meaning of Giridih is the land of hills and hillocks — giri, a Hindi word, means hills and dih, another word of the local dialect, indicates land of.

Member feedback about Kakababu: Member feedback about Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay: In fact, when Prof Shonku had to attend to the door for a mail and leave Prof Tarafdar for a few minutes, he comes back to see Tarafdar scurrying through Prof.

professor shonku o khoka

The diary, even though apparently made of a material which is inextinguishable and cannot be torn or cut, is eventually destroyed by a bunch of red antswho somehow manage to eat in to entirety. The collection contains seven stories, sohnku which two other were added in later editions.