View all 3 comments. I guess the reason I enjoyed this is that Jarvis was super obsessed with the heroine all throughout their marriage. She continued to make trouble by lying to Linsey and the stupid heroine believed every word. How these two produced a supposed little Einstein is beyond me. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Jarvis was very bitter, resentful and mean to her but he was so possessive that he even peeped into her bedroom window just to see if she was really living with another man! The best part of the story was var tension and the build up to scene where Jarvis eventually discovered that he had a son.

Michelle rated it it was ok Sep 13, Jan 05, sbf rated it really liked it. I read this some time ago and remember the nice part was the beginning. She was just off to America for a couple of nott and I was so delighted, I obliged when she asked me to kiss her goodbye.

The heroine was too young and insecure so when she saw him embracing a vampy actress friend of his, she fled and stayed away until he locates her by accident, on the island of Mauritius. How did you find me? The tension and the waiting was great! However, there was just too much stupid f Typical secret baby, misunderstanding, may-dec type of Harley. She let her son sleep in the margarett with the servant instead of him sleeping in her room. That kid is going to need extensive therapy believe me.


She didn’t tell him until the end why she left.

Not Far Enough – Margaret Pargeter – Google Books

Jarvis was the one who had lifted the boy into his arms and I kept waiting, in great anticipation, for his reaction when he finally looked at the child in the clear light. She was also uncomfortable at social gatherings because all of the H’s friends were in his age group and she had nothing in common with any of them.

She hemmed and hawed again when asked why she left. May Panayi rated it it was ok Feb 24, Melantha rated it it was ok Dec 31, And I know Jarvis’ reactions and reasons for jealousy was not cool – he was jealous of his own son cause he thought Linsey loved their son more than Jarvis! No trivia or quizzes yet. Not Far Enough by Margaret Pargeter. Even though we learned that they both died during her honeymoon, we are never told what exactly happened unless somehow I skipped reading the information.

Jarvis, the H, is a tycoon of his time – I suppose he’s the equivalent of today’s billionaire 3. Clinging to him as though he was the only solid thing on not far enough by margaret pargeter, she gasped, ‘How did you know I’d gone?

Jarvis was on vacation on his yacht when var spied Linsey swimming nude, at aprgeter, on a beach in Mauritius. Jealousy does not mean love, I know, but still, he admitted all his mistakes, apologized for being brutal, that and was ready to beg for her, etc. Angry, vengeful hero, who still seems to care about the heroine’s comfort and well-being in small ways that reveal his feelings.


For howlong they were married before she runaway? Both MC’s were celibate during their separation.

Not Far Enough

He apologized sincerely for being so mean and nasty enouugh he explained everything when she finally told him why she’d run away the first time. Then she did all she could to make sure he did not find out that he had a little son which captured my martaret as it had all the symptoms of good angsty read. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does I try not to penalize the novel by giving enouth a low rating. Hayihdram rated it liked it Oct 24, His face flushed red then went white tinder his tan.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign not far enough by margaret pargeter. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Fortunately, Jarvis found her before she could leave the country again.