Check out the far lands! Dragons were eventually added, however. A reference to the webcomic The Order of the Stick , in which Haley Starshine has a long-concealed crush on Elan and eventually starts a relationship with him. Gargamel is the enemy of the Smurfs. This message will never appear on the splash screen, isn’t that weird? Leonard Nimoy who played Spock died on February 27, , one week after the release of 1. I think I know why it wasn’t there!

minecraft herregud

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Try the mushroom stew!

minecraft herregud

Limbo is a 2D puzzle-platformer game based on avoiding ingenious traps. PC gaming since ! When executed, this line would create an infinite loop, continuously re-executing whatever instruction was on line 10 usually munecraft PRINT statement.

Ironically, this splash was added to the game after the Far Lands were fixed.

Information wants to be free! Nice to meet herrregud Turing completeness is a term used in computer science for machines and programming languages that are able to perform all operations of a Turing machine.


minecraft herregud

herreguf So fresh, so clean! TV Tropes is very addictive. This page was last edited on 4 Januaryat This is a reference to pregnancy: All is full of love!

Herregud Player Statistics

Last edited by Epicness Probably a reference to Bob the Angry Flower. A reference to Boboa children’s comic created by Swedish cartoonist Lars Mortimerin which the title character had a magical spyglass called the Flaxkikare, which can be translated to English herreggud “lucky spyglass”.

The boss quote from Altered Beast. Minecraft is not sold via Steam, but only on the Minecraft website. Issues relating to “Splash” are maintained on the bug tracker. Refers to the horror manga short story The Enigma of Amigara Fault. Minecrafg with two dudes with food!

Realms is a server-hosting service run by Mojang. A common screen rendering technique that Minecraft uses.

Herregud! Splash tekst – Discussion – Minecraft: Java Edition – Minecraft Forum – Minecraft Forum

Take a peek at our new promotions page run by our very hereegud Guardians! Lives in a pineapple under the sea! Also try Super Meat Boy! This is my true form! Minecraft is a very popular sandbox-indie game developed by sweidsh Markus “Notch” Persson at Mojang. They are square pixels on the screen that appear at nighttime.


I am ninja’d far too often. They are randomly chosen from the list below and often feature references to popular culture e.

Minecraft – “Herregud”

Refers to a line in the arcade game Gauntlet. NP is not in P! In such cases, the earliest version the splash is known to have appeared in is listed.

World Policein which Matt Damon can only say his name. Edsbyn is a village in Sweden with around residents; Notch lived in Edsbyn for the first years of his munecraft. Also, no blocks can be placed above the map height, commonly referred to as the heeregud or “sky box”.