Las instrucciones eran confusas o no eran claras. Commenti o suggerimenti per la documentazione MicroStrategy Suggerimenti per il miglioramento dei prodotti Informazioni sul packaging e descrizioni dei prodotti MicroStrategy. Grazie per avere dedicato del tempo per fornirci un tuo commento. The Upgrade Guide includes best practices and instructions to ensure that your system upgrade adheres to the interoperability rules that MicroStrategy has certified and listed in the Compatibility and Interoperability page. The following components are provided within a 3rdParty folder as part of the MicroStrategy installation files, and are installed automatically for a normal installation:. The instructions are confusing or unclear. Anweisungen waren verwirrend oder unklar.

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Before upgrading, see the Upgrade Guide for important information about preparing for the upgrade, the order in which to upgrade products, and tasks to perform after upgrading. The following microstrategy 9.3 lists folders and files of interest that are included in the default directory structure after an installation of Developer.

MicroStrategy Developer

You can continue to browse microstrahegy site, however, for the best user experience, please consider updating your browser. See Compatibility and Interoperability for a list of certified operating systems. Internal issue numbers do not correlate to customer case numbers. Les instructions ne fonctionnaient pas. Copyright information You provide the copyright information in microstrategy 9.3 XML file in a locale-specific folder.


MicroStrategy Developer

Microsoft Office Primary Interop Assemblies redistributable. Before microatrategy upgrade, you must migrate to an alternative certified operating system. Las instrucciones eran confusas o no eran claras.

Previously, the version number was included in the splash screen image file. Microstrategy 9.3 istruzioni erano confuse o poco chiare. Envoyez-nous un e-mail pour nous laisser vos commentaires. Upgrade to the latest platform release every months before June v9.

Installing and Upgrading

This type of release is designed for specific feature requirements for those customers who want to gain access to the latest features and functionality, and are willing to embrace the added commitment of frequent upgrades. Vuoi inviarci un commento? This version will include all fixes and patches in addition to some new features. Vous voulez nous en dire plus? We do understand that it can be challenging for some customers to keep up with this prompt pace and microsteategy when the best time to upgrade to a newer version of MicroStrategy for their enterprise.

You may also visit the MicroStrategy Community microstrategy 9.3 join the conversation on updating microstrategy 9.3 MicroStrategy software. All customers with current maintenance plans are eligible to upgrade to equivalent products in the latest version.


Installing and Upgrading

Those prefixed with T T are MicroStrategy’s internal issues. If you encounter problems during the installation procedure, see the “Troubleshooting” appendix in the Installation and Configuration Guide.

For example, MicroStrategy version As feature releases are released every three months. Thanks for taking the time to give ,icrostrategy some feedback. Containing fixes for microstrategy 9.3 and critical issues including patch roll-up, and no MD update required.

Instructions confuses ou obscures. MicroStrategy moved to a quarterly release cadence when MicroStrategy 10 was released in June You can now change: Version number You provide the version number in an XML file in microstrategy 9.3 locale-specific folder.

Merci de vos commentaires. Grazie per il feedback.

Le istruzioni non hanno dato il risultato microstrategy 9.3. The redistributable package contains files that were removed with the release of Windows Vista, but are required for MicroStrategy Developer to work properly. When upgrading a MicroStrategy system to a newer version, it is likely that products will be upgraded across several machines.