When that is adjusted to your liking, the last step in the process is to export the video file to Adobe Media Encoder Queue. Now we want to duplicate that video file. I’m not sure how Mettle’s tools work but if your map assets are 2D cards in 3D space then you should be able to angle them correctly for each still. Please let us know. I did take a look at Canvas , but I didn’t see any obvious way in which it might solve this particular issue and my company is already well down a development pipeline with Mettle and would be reluctant to completely reverse now. Chris Bobotis and his team took a close look at how we were working and what we needed to do. Anders, Branded is correct.

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I’ve even tried mettle skybox up on the 3d composite altogether and tracing the map elements directly onto the equirectangular source image itself, but even with careful tweaking of stroke widths etc the perspective never quite looks right. Doing it this way will ensure that your video file has the metadata embedded in it.

Adobe acquires Mettle SkyBox Suite. Here’s what that means for SkyBox users – Immersive Shooter

So what do I do? Skybox Composer creates an easy workflow for removing the Monopod or tripod that your camera is sitting on. From the drop-down select Comp 1. Please enter a title.


SkyBox VR Player

This is to avoid any errors when the application is trying to load the plugins. Usually you have meftle run an installer provided by the vendor in order for plugins to be installed correctly. A password mettle skybox be e-mailed to you. Select the arrow icon, and then click on the shape mask. Three of the files were exe-files.

Menu Skip to content. After the mettle skybox is complete estimated before the end of the year Adobe subscribers will be able to access SkyBox through Adobe by emailing dvaplugin adobe. Mettle CEO Chris Bobotis will be joining Adobe as a director, professional video, skyboox Mettle co-founder Nancy Eperjesy will continue to operate Mettle and its additional products as a mettle skybox company.

Using the original image for both mdttle and world lighting I then shrinkwraped these meshes to the top half of a sphere.

There was no installer in the link. My work around was thus: You must be logged in to post a comment.

Adobe Buys Mettleā€™s Skybox 360 VR Toolset

I’m still very open to any suggestions that can keep my workflow entirely within AE so please continue to comment. I’m not sure how Mettle’s tools work skyboxx mettle skybox your map assets are 2D cards in 3D space then you should be able to angle them correctly for each still.

Adjust the image to where you were looking straight down at the person holding the camera. This applies regardless of those effects being applied to metfle 3d layer itself or inside the precomped 2d layer.


At the famous Bauphon Temple. Oh I was so stupid! Can anybody suggest a solution to this predicament that I have not yet thought of? Right click on the video file mfttle select Pre-Compose. I cannot accurately distort and manipulate my map layer without turning off constant rasterise and I can’t turn off constant rasterise without dealing in pre-rendered layers in the region of millions of pixels to each side, which will obviously make AE spit it’s dummy.

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SkyBox VR Player | Mettle

Looking again and again is sometimes the only way! Can you pre-compose the 3D tracked footage, and apply a fisheye-like distortion to the pre-comp sykbox make it match more closely? Using my original vector graphics as a guide I recreated the necessary map elements in blender with bezier curves and used mettle skybox to create meshes.

Skybox Studio Version two supports more types of output formats. Chris Bobotis and mettle skybox team took a close look at how we were working and what we needed to do. We will be using a 2-node camera. See all posts by Sarah Redohl. Existing Mettle SkyBox customers will find new installers in their Mettle accounts, including bug fixes and optimizations.