She had earned a Bachelor of Education and taught secondary school English for several years before immigrating. Kuma Obwesigwa 26, Plays. Mama Rodah 20, Plays. Gwe Wange 21, Plays. Bahati Yangu 24, Plays.

mawoko na mawoko

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mawoko na mawoko

Come Home 12, Plays. Sili Mujjawo 32, Plays.

From The Frying Pan Into The Fire by Judith Mawoko at the FriesenPress Bookstore

Mbawe Mbawe 7, Plays. Only You 12, Plays. She remembers her early years as being carefree, peaceful and close to nature, and looks back fondly on village marriage celebrations, music, and dancing. Byansi Byakuleka 14, Plays. Toggle navigation Search Cart.

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Omukisa Gwo 14, Plays. Learn how you can self-publish mawok own book with FriesenPress. Told with clarity, humour and insight, From the Frying Pan into the Fire lets us look into the turbulent history of Zimbabwe through the eyes of a native Zimbabwean educator.


Ronald Mayinja 1, views. It tells us about the barb-wired compounds built and encircled with landmines to keep villagers from giving food or support to the freedom fighters.

Like most in her village, she is unaware of the fomenting resentment against white minority rule, which has seen the best farmland handed over to white settlers brought into the former British colony. Mama Mia 29, Plays. Fred Maisoviews.

Tip Swizzy 80, views. Moto Moto 17, Plays. Sophia Nantongoviews.

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Shida Za Dunia 47, Plays. What People are Saying. Mambo Bado 27, Plays.

mawoko na mawoko

Bahati Yangu 24, Plays. Gwe Wange 21, Plays. Bayuda Tunyita Nabo 19, Plays. Support our self-published authors and buy directly from FriesenPress. Maoko Na Maoko 19, Plays. Mama Rodah 20, Plays. Mshamba Nipe 34, Plays.

Baby Girl 14, Plays. Gerald Mukasa 7, views.

mawoko na mawoko

Nekolera Maali 17, Plays. Born Fighter 9, Plays. Ray Signature 37, views.


Badilisha Refixxx 19, Plays. Kiboko Yao 67, Plays. Kwa Ajili Yako 24, Plays.