Create new programme page Programme page is the basic unit of programme. Now, choose the Preset T9. It enables us to know exactly what It enables us to know exactly what tasks we need to do each day without having to contemplate, decide or think too much. The broadcasting window can be dragged by the mouse to some position. Program play function Support playback loop and timing play on a page of programs. Then, it will go to the next page for play.

ledshowt9 software

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Figure Table Progrmme Attributes Clock: Figure File Window Attributes Name: Default width of edit box is the width of display window set by us for multi-line text. Controlling peripheral equipment and operations such as relevant programme broadcast through control system according to fixed time so as to make the system automatically lexshowt9 relevant instructions.

ledshowt9 software

Used to display timer window, it has the following detailed parameter attributes as shown in Figure The background color of the page. The sizes and positions of these windows may be set arbitrarily. Generally, the size is consistent with the size of LED screen in reality. The decoder may be loaded and installed on the website of the company. Analog Clock The following can be set on the attributes of analog clock see figuresuch as lead time difference or lag time difference; fixed text and font; color, size, shape and font of hour index; clock shape; color, size and shape of minute index; colors of hour hand, minute hand and second hand; show and color of date and week.


pantallasled: LED Software Download & configure file

The contents visible on computer monitor will no longer be transmit to LED display screen upon closing. Figure Adding File Window Figure Adding Video File 2 Setting window attributes Click and select the file window and edit various attributes of the file window in the window attributes on the right as shown in Figure Document arrangement is more convenient.

As a result, this software supports all video formats as long as proper decoder is installed. Digital clock further has three display formats. If it is displayed correctly, you do not need to ledshowy9 anything.

2013 latest colorlight led control system software ledshowT9 with free update

The position of programme window may be dragged by mouse or set by coordinate. Click the button parameter setwhich you can find to the middle on the right-hand side.

The window used to play table file. Programme page means the set of a group of programme windows and programme contents set by the user.


Performing a special puja on every wedding anniversary helps in recreating the magic of your wedding day. The recommended decoder for “ultimate decoder”.

Colorlight LEDShow T9 LED Display Control System Software

Suffixes of common play formats include av, rm, rmvb, wmv, vob, mkv, asf, ts and so on. Please contact YajnaParivar for special items softwre specific occasion. DAT file you just downloaded and click Open. The sofeware will create a single-line text automatically and enter into the interface of editing single-line text. Program play function Support playback loop and timing play on a page of programs. Password to be set in the remote display screen server to be managed.

You can start playing regularly. Multipage programme arrangement is supported.

ledshowt9 software

You may delete a selected programme page by choosing a programme page and clicking the button. Before we start, please note: Opacity as well as the special effect mode, speed, stay duration, etc. The area of shortcut icons: Please look at our Web site user information.