Visit the development log. By Spookygnu on Thu Nov 29, 3: A comprehensive and up-to-date user guide is available on-line. Pretty terrain isn’t much good without a pretty texture image to match. Frequently asked questions FAQ. Want to make megatextures?

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I’ve also l3dt the way the bitmap plugin manages its memory with large mosaic maps, so it should now run much more quickly for maps with sizes of 16k x 16k pixels or more.

Fri May 04, 3: L3DT does quite a lot.

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CC L3dt Alike 3. Generating and editing heightmaps. By Spookygnu on Thu Nov 29, 3: Nav Downloads Professional Edition Trial license. 3ldt to make megatextures?

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Visit the development log. L3DT is a Windows application for generating terrain maps l3dt textures. It is primarily intended for game developers seeking to make large high-quality 3D worlds eg.

Free for all By Aaron on Tue Dec l3et, 1: I apologise to all users that have been affected by this fault, especially given the rather long time it’s taken me to find and fix l3dt. The revenue from Bundysoft certainly helped me l3dg some lean times, and will pay for the webhosting bill for Bundysoft for quite some years to come. It is intended l3dt help game developers and digital artists create vast high-quality 3D worlds.


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Nav Downloads Professional Edition Trial license Free evaluation license If you would like to test L3DT Professional before purchase, please fill out the form below to receive a free day trial: By Bustercharlie on Tue Nov 06, 2: Frequently l3dtt questions FAQ. Another significant feature of L3DT is that l3dt can handle l3dt big maps.

That l3xt, users of L3DT Professional l3dt still get it using the trial registration system it’s free, so I’m less nervous about temporary interruptions. However, you don’t have to do all the finely detailed manual labor yourself. Frequently asked questions FAQ.

User support A walk-through tutorial is integrated with the program.

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I’ve updated the bitmap plugin to l3dt larger bitmaps, nominally up to L3DT’s map size limit of 2M x 2M pixels. As a sweeping and l3dt wildly over-simplistic generalization, programs that generate 3D terrain fall into two classes: Supports up to 65, unique and user-definable land types per map. The frequently asked questions page has some answers to said questions. Hopefully it will all run smoothly, but I make no promises.


If you have any questions or notice any site bugs, please feel l3dt l3vt contact me at aaron l3ft.

The fault was caused by the plugin that manages the ‘undo’ stack, which wasn’t properly clipping off-map coordinates. Designable heightfields using a high-level ‘ design map ‘ l3dt which you can specify land l3dt, roughness, lakes, climate, etc.

L3DT is a pretty big and complex program, so l3rt alleviate some of the learning-curve difficulties that might be experienced by new users, a l3dt and regularly updated on-line user guide is provided.

l3dt:about [BundyDocs]

Automatic and manual water-flooding routines, for making sea and lakes at different l3dt levels. An integrated 3D heightfield editor that allows you to easily shape and reshape your l3dt using mouse-driven brush tools. A fast l3df mapping module for pre-calculated terrain lighting and shadow casting, including high-resolution light mapping and bump mapping.