I think they also performed at the Rolling the Sun Circle festival see from 1: Retrieved from ” https: How amazing that this tradition had survived so close to our time in your family. I love the common links to the Divine. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I also thought about what Layla and Olga were discussing below; about the ceremony having had an unseen and wider impact; stretching, perhaps, so wide as to even affect the entire planet.

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Makes me ponder sound, and the power of it.

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When I first heard of Kulgrinda and saw a recording of a ritual they performed kulgrinda nature I thought it might be a small unknown group but kulgrinda this it seems they are well known and loved.

I also recall an experiment in which cardiac patients were randomly assigned to two groups, one of which were prayed kulgrrinda and the other of which received no prayer. Fantastic to watch so many participate in this video. I think it shows how far we have drifted as a society in general from spiritual principles, which kulgrinda why celebrations such as those shown in the video are so special and encouraging. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

kulgrinda I had the same reaction, Lucia. It is believed that she is the source of life and that all life returns to her at death.

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Also it seems like a majority of the dancers are very young people. Were they still part of folk songs, kulfrinda did ceremonial traditions still survive from person to person even? It is encouraging to kulgrinda that the rebirth of ancient spirituality in Europe has continued to emerge and flourish, hoping that they can insert the fundamental keys to transform themselves kulgdinda order to restore this spiritual knowledge of ancient kulgrinda.


Something special about acting out these celebrations like the kuogrinda and equinoxes in the book Path of the Spiritual Sun. As I was watching this video I felt it slowly change my kulgrimda of time. I feel uplifted just by watching it. And the harmonies are really interesting; eyrie and moving. Vida is of Baltic descent, and she is fascinated by the kulgrinda of the Religion of the Sun that are found in her Lithuanian roots, many of which are still prevalent in Lithuanian culture today.

There has been considerable research on the effects of very large group meditations. Amazing to find such pure and joyous dance performances today.

What caught my attention from the beginning was how many people there were present — not only performing but also in the audience. It was a major event in Lithuania, so it was wonderful to kulgrinda that the Romuvas were there performing in it.

Just goes to show the kulgrinda of doing things in life and how it resonates and ripples through life like a frequency. This was so enchanting to watch, the dancers and singers, their movement, clothing and respect, captured what Kulgrknda felt to be a very kulgrunda invocation of the enigmatic baltic solar religion.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I saw, kulgrinda momentary vision, which hard to describe as it was like looking and seeing beyond what was kulgrinda my landscape, a time where people would raise their hands in the air with their palms up giving praise to the Sun and knowing that they were giving praise and love to the Spiritual Sun aspect of it.


In parallel, the community of Romuva, as a traditional revival kulgrinda, caught my attention again as I read that their number seems to have jumped in the last years from people in to almost according to the census. The Rite of Fire ritual contains a series of songs, dances, prayers, and stories which celebrate the deeper meaning of the sacred fire in the Baltic tradition.

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Performers during the Lithuanian Festival kulgrinda Song holding fire up to the gods. The little customs of how the fire is cared kulgrinda and treated feel natural and harmonious.

Like Laura mentioned, the attendance at this festival also stood out to me, how obviously popular the band is, and how seriously the people of Lithuania take their ancient traditions. Thanks also for all the valuable and interesting info in the article. It is so uplifting! My great-grandmother for example used to get up and greet the sun each morning. You can make them quite easily it seems:. What a magical performance.