Hence you can easily unblock Kugou musi c. If your iPhone is non jailbroken, download from iTunes store. Especially, when you are looking for how to download and listen Chinese music. But due to non- availability of downloading and listening online music outside of China, people are more towards searching new ways to unblock Kugou music. The App got many 1 stars rating.

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We hope that you find above information quite handy in your search towards unblocking Kugou app outside China. You can listen music online on Kugou website.

Being the top user, I will recommend you should always consider one of the best VPN provider service to avoid spam connection and unblock KuGou music. Last week, Spotify announced that it had kugou mac million monthly active users MAU worldwide. Although QQ Music shares some of the same features as Kugou, such as radio, KTV, and live streaming which can be rewarded with virtual gift-giving, it caters kugou mac a more urban crowd.

After being signed up for the VPN service, it is essential to check the features in details. The world of Chinese music broad as it offers several artists in different genres from rock to the hip-hop to a traditional pop.

In recent years the mc has decided to add more niche content by featuring kugou mac musicians with original music. As stated earlier a VPN can help to hide your connection and your data, it links you with a virtual server where your IP address will be changed. KuGou, meaning Cool Dog, made its way to the top of the chart by appealing to a very wide audience, especially those living in small towns, according kugou mac a report from Sixth Tone.


Kugou is region locked in mainland china, many songs are kuugou to listening with China IP address.

How to Listen Kugou Music Outside China

Admin July 07, Besides short videos, the app has social features that enable users to interact with performers which have profiles on the service. You must have evaded the geographic block here. This number, however, fades in comparison to music streaming services in China: Being the top user, I will recommend you should always consider one of the best VPN provider service to avoid spam connection and to remain secure in your browsers.

Now connect to that server and enjoy streaming your Kugou music app without any geographical restrictions. If you face translation issue, kugu use Google translate extension. The latest news proves that Chinese fans are enthusiastic enough to make the industry successful. If you like to give the Kugou music app a try then you have a chance to do so. What differentiates NetEase Music from other apps is its stronger focus on indie artists, enabling it to compete with internet giants like Tencent and Alibaba which have big entertainment ecosystems.

It kugou mac hide your original IP address and will give you an Kugou mac that will kugoou your Chinese kugou mac. Below are some important pointers to follow while using the Kugou app through a VPN.

Install Kugou Music on Mac OSX – Mac App Store

In case you kugoj accessing Kugou app make sure you select China as your server location. Especially, when you are looking for how to download and listen Chinese music. Though KuGou is accessible in mainland China only, if you want to use it in any other country, kugou mac it becomes essential to use a VPN. Like other apps, KuWo offers song purchases and subscriptions, but it is also trying to make money with in-app gaming and ma own brand of headphones maac speakers.


Though it is true that it is essential to change your DNS IP address to unblock KuGou music, you can do this only by reaching to the online protocol setup.

A large numbers of users are complaining the region restriction in its latest version on Google Play Store. Most of the apps earn money by offering subscriptions for better audio quality, ads, concert tickets, virtual gift-giving, and song purchases. Hence, your original IP ,ugou will be hidden and you kugou mac be allotted a Chinese IP address for a certain period.

There are many free VPNs available in the market but they might not provide you feature, for example, any data amc etc. Admin July 04, For this you need to go to your online protocol kugou mac on your PC, change given DNS settings to an alternate server or any preferred one.

Kugou app is also available for Mac users.