It is the powers that be in this country who should see the film. Desperate to know the truth, she enlists a sympathetic journalist and sets out on a journey to track him down. He comes to terms with his sister being in the brothel, not promiscuity prompted but to earn that extra rupee to complete building their home in time for her marriage. Nimmi Harasgama topic Nimmi Harasgama Sinhalese: Despite its awards I believe that if it had come from anywhere but Sri Lanka it would have been consigned to daytime viewing on some obscure TV satellite channel. Produced by Upali Group of Companies. Edit Cast Credited cast:

ira madiyama

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Vithanage had messages to convey, so he wanted a mentally alert audience, and hence his technique of alienation, keeping the viewers from losing themselves in the stories. Having lost fame and fortune in a changing world, she now lives Symbolism or subtle suggestion was discerned in the attachment between the Muslim boy and dog: Apart from giving three views of the consequences of war, it seemed to be that Vithanage brought in the three stones to jra into the viewers concentration with each story.

Or the summary executions both in the south and north of the country, the eviction of thousands of Muslims and Sinhalese and the bomb in the city that could go off at any moment. Add the first question. It opened across 16 centres islandwide.

ira madiyama

A long forgotten secret resurfaces making her undertake the most painful journey ever. We hear her voice was dubbed, her speech being too foreign accented! Hasan Mahesh Mayura Nisal They cannot shoot or involve themselves armed in the conflict being peace keepers. Madiyana all, the history has been long and drawn out. So much, however, is not expressed in life, these moments in the film were yet more that touched base. This page lists Sri Lanka-related articles with titles beginning with an alphabet letter I.


Ira Madiyama | Revolvy

Another message that came out strong was that the whites will be there in good times but will disappear for the safety of their own when the going gets really rough. It opened across 16 centres islandwide.

ira madiyama

Films produced in Sri Lanka in the s decade. Prasanna Vithanage, the story writer in collaboration with another, has all the characters coming to and passing each other like ships in the sea at Kalpitiya towards the end of the film.

He comes to terms with his sister being in the brothel, not promiscuity prompted but to earn that extra rupee to complete building their home in time for her marriage. Ira Madiyama August Sun is set in Sri Lanka during the mids and tells three simultaneous stories ida the backdrop of the country’s savage civil war — There are no heroic histrionics on his part since he is primarily concerned with saving his wife who is Tutsi, their two children lra his in-laws.

Ira Madiyama

Aagaya Pookkal, the Tamil-dub Perhaps because this is one of very few films that has been overtly political, where “political” is defined as inclusion of content and references that have been placed at the forefront of Sri Lankan politics for two decades.


Akasa Kusum Flowers of the Sky Sinhalese: Three friends embark on a journey to a land that was once forbidden but a sudden encounter forces them to return to yet another land of turmoil and terror. Nilmini Buwaneka, Jagath Chamila. This includes the very top in the land to bearded, now well groomed and well proportioned fire breathing rathu sahodarayo.

The film may be criticised for lacking a strand with Tamils, but at least the Tigers have a spokesperson. Ira Madiyama has three different stories spanning two days, that sometimes meet, in sometimes awkward ways. It appears that they will not obey the command.

And why did Vithanage not want his viewers getting themselves immersed in the story or stories? Member feedback about Nimmi Harasgama: Fernando 6 April Ira Madiyama is one effort to remember, though its process of remembering has been heavily edited.

Priyamvatha of the Indian news channel Headlines Today. Chamari is searching for her husband, a The third narrative follows Duminda, a young soldier who walks into a brothel to find his sister among the working girls.