You can use this to instantly generate a fill or break as an accent for your performance. Change the speed and pitch of your music and other audio, independently. Sign In or Register to comment. As a devotee of open source on the server side of things I had a hard time coming around on the DRMed walled garden approach Apple took, but I think for consumer software it’s the only thing that really works right now. Filter, find, favorite, adjust tempo and more! I spent hours yesterday trying to do something on my new iPhone which I could do in minutes on my old Android phone from 3 years ago.

ikaossilator android

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I heard the latency is better. Fifty loops created by professional musicians are built-in to help you get started quickly. It’ll be good for the ecosytem.

Users are able to play custom synthesizers using the x-y axes of the touchscreen. Android apps are too easy to hacked just download an apk file.


Download on the Google Play Store. Your Now Playing Guide. Don’t just listen to rumors, things are better but be VERY careful. Iikaossilator see import but no way to designate the folder Musical knowledge is not required. The best loops out there! Audio loop import also allows effect play.


Existing audio loop files can be imported into each part of the sequencer.

Use the built-in sounds to perform and produce a broad range of dance music styles including EDM, hip-hop, house, techno, dubstep, nu-disco, and electro. We’ve ikaissilator crackeddownloads, and that is with zero marketing.

ikaossilator android

Change the speed and pitch of your music and other audio, independently. Hey there Flying Saucers! Loopz – Best Drum Loops! Then I guess iPhone is best for you. The x-axis corresponds to amplitude volume and the y-axis corresponds to frequency pitch.

Interesting though in the promo material they talk up the ability to make full songs. News Location Social Media. Thanks for the comment Jumpercollins. Inspired by the Korg Kaossilator and the Moog synthesizer, Saucillator transforms mobile devices into a platform for creating and playing digital synthesizers. Have apple released their blue tooth head phones yet, for the phone they want you to buy minus the headphone socket, oh yeah, they haven’t Oh yeah, brought this and it’s great.


An audio loop that you exported from within Kaossilator can also be re-imported into a part.

ikaossilator android

By exporting your creations to Google Play Music, you can use them in a full-fledged music production. I have not used Soundcamp because I don’t have a compatible device, but it ikapssilator to solve latency issues. Tritonman that’s what I pads for.


The built-in loop sequencer lets you layer up to five musical parts. So nice of apple to provide 1.

December edited December Last time i tried musical apps on my android it was a big crackle and stuttering experience even with 2gb ram and big. Loop sequencer for easy track-making and live performance.