In , her husband finished his service with the army. She received a Yugoslavian star award, four Oscars for popularity in a row, a few female artist of the year awards, a gold plaque for humanist award, and won the following festivals: She held many humanitarian concerts. Retrieved 28 November She later called the marriage a “mistake”. She went to the Igman mountain with several singers, one of which was Dino Merlin, to perform for the Bosnian soldiers. They were sevdalinka songs, a traditional Bosniak genre of folk music.

hanka paldum zbog tebe ostavicu sve

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On that day, Golub alleges to have seen Paldum walking around the camp wearing an army outfit, when she saw him looking at her, he claims she approached him gebe yelled “What are you looking at? Their meeting was instrumental to her career and climb to the stardom. She represented Yugoslavia in International Festival in Berlin. Around that time, Hanka’s father, Mujo became gravely ill and soon died of his illness.

hanka paldum zbog tebe ostavicu sve

Paldum started singing in the first grade, as part of the choir in her primary school. Her father told her she must enroll in a sbog that would lead to a secure career with which she could find a job that would earn her money.

Hanka Paldum

Paldum kicked him out of her house after this incident saying that her “soul hurt” but she had no other options. Nikad nisam bila u logoru Silos”. Retrieved 12 May She went to the Igman mountain with palcum singers, one of which was Dino Merlin, to perform for the Bosnian soldiers.


Balkan popular culture and the Ottoman ecumene: There were a lot of tunnels and when the train entered a tunnel, I would sing, and when it come out of the tunnel I stopped, because I was shy.

She and her first husband had two children: Hanka’s interpretation of the song, “Voljela sam, voljela” I Loved, I Lovedinwon the public over and resulted in sales of over a million copies; the public loved her and music critics praised her.

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They recorded the hit song “Crni snijeg” Black Snow together. Retrieved 16 May At the same time she was preparing a full length studio albumcalled Srebro i zlato Silver and Gold”named after the song. Her first recording was her version of an old sevdalinka song called “Moj behare” My Blossom. The ballad “Mojoj majci” To My Mother was the biggest hit off the album.

However, Hanka, along with her team, believed ostsvicu herself and her success and was certain that the material, even if unusual and nontraditional, was something new and was of good quality.

hanka paldum zbog tebe ostavicu sve

Archived from the original on 14 May Archived from the original on 29 November She would sing for 15 to 20 minutes and run febe home. Retrieved 28 November Her father was a logger and her mother wove carpets to provide additional financial assistance for the family, as her fathers salary was not enough to carry a family of seven. Her prize was a chance to produce a single for the record label Sarajevo Diskoton.


When asked if she had seen or had any contact with Serb prisoners zzbog the war, she said “No!

Zbog Tebe Song – Download Zlatna Kolekcija Song Online Only on JioSaavn

There is also a version in Slovenian. She continued recording and recorded over a hundred sevdalinkas for radio archives. She did state that the first time she left the city of Sarajevo during the siege and war was on 6 Septembernot long after the Sarajevo Tunnel opened. Hanka became recognized across the country of Yugoslavia and was offered to sing in guest spots and hold her own concerts.

This song became a big hit and it still played and has been covered my multiple other artists. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

She shared the chocolates, while tickets for the theater remained unused because of her father’s strictness. Hanka is one of rare singers who held solo concerts in very beautiful arenas “Lisinski,” in ZagrebCroatia, “Sava Center,” in BelgradeSerbia, and “Zetra,” in Sarajevothe capital of her home country Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After two years of hard work, she made her first archival recordings for Radio Sarajevo. But inside, my heart was leaping with joy.