It is such a simple song, after all. For our group it really gave a boost of confidence and motivation. Did hip-hop culture also inspire you to adopt beatboxing to your songs? The Soviet legacy is fading away, economy is getting better, we have more opportunities than ever and the borders are open. Das ist eine Kopie eines Artikels von der Startseite von “gmx. Drive the shower, drive the shower

greip vihma loits

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In a matter of minutes, there was a background story of how grapefruit tastes fresh and youthful. It is more original and offers so much variety and near-endless possibilities.

Greip – Vihma Loits

Ewert of Ewert and loiits Two Dragons — K. To our increasing surprise the video picked up popularity, first in a TV-show of Estonian music videos, then on Facebook, Youtube, radio stations.

Drive the shower, drive the shower Top Stories A memorial to the victims of communism opens in Estonia One never knows when a revelation can strike.

How mainstream would you loite your music to be? About Contact Get Involved Supporters. The Soviet legacy is fading away, economy is getting better, we have more opportunities than ever and the borders are open. Ehk on sul veel teadmisi, mida tasuks jagada? Small changes geeip quite often in rehearsals. Copying and publishing on other websites or in other media, even with the source link, is not allowed without a written permission of the author.


A big part of doing it well on stage for us is our sixth member, Madis the sound engineer.

Greip – Vihma Loits

One of my favourite scenes of this movie! We were joking amongst each other that runo-singing is in fact like hip-hop. Vihma Loits English translation. From a cappella scene we definitely like Cosmos from Latvia. Hreip Lillemets spoke to Karin and Reimo from Greip and chatted about their story, future and a recent tour in the United States.

Greip is Estonian for grapefruit — K. How did that go? It really is a popular question and we have told the grep so many times that by now there are already variations between the versions of different band members. Would you rather keep that palette or focus on a single genre? Most of our material is deeply rooted in the Estonian culture.

greip vihma loits

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There definitely is a potential in folk, it just takes hard work. He has a great sense of rhythm. We just recycle it.

greip vihma loits

The initial purpose was just to participate in some song contest. If you are greup in both languages of the language pair, you are welcome to leave your comments.

Vihma Loits (English translation)

Is this what you had in mind for introduction? Do you have favourite artists or groups that also influence your music? Not really, it was gradual. One can probably say the same about its melody too usually words are more important than the tune, so the melody can be found with different wordings; especially when it comes to spells, I think. The challenge now is to not get stuck with the success of this song.

Beatboxing as known from hip-hop culture, is just a subcategory of vocal percussion.