Download Badlands source … Read more…. Here numerical floating-point reconstructed rasters are being exported to GeoTIFF file format with a 6 minute or 0. The GPlates Portal is a free and interactive cloud-based tool that enables the visualisation of cutting-edge geoscience datasets. A reconstruction of the Eurekan Orogeny incorporating deformation constraints. Subsequently switching to the Modify Reconstruction Pole tool would then result in rotations adjustments about this pole. An animated screen-capture of the main GPlates window, with the EarthByte global coastline file and Bernhard Steinberger’s time-dependent dynamic topography raster images loaded, animating a reconstruction from 60 Ma to 0 Ma.

gplates 1.0 software

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gplates 1.0 software

GPlates offers a variety of colouring-schemes for feature geometries on-screen. GPlates is a free software application from the Other subcategory, softwate of the Education category.

Switching to the Measure Distance tool on the same isochron shows the length along the feature. There are four broad categories of colouring style: The … Read more…. Ellipsis is a lagrangian particle-in-cell finite element modelling software tool with an associated graphical user interface GUI.

With application of a present-day plate polygon set and age grid, this screenshot shows the classic “Blue Gplstes bathymetry and topography raster reconstructed to Ma. GPlates enables both the visualization and the manipulation of plate-tectonic reconstructions and associated data through geological time:.


Software – EarthByte

To compile GPlates from source, you will require:. Here the Constrain to Stage Pole button has placed the pole location white arrow in screenshot at the stage pole between South America the clicked feature and Africa.


Version History Here softtware can find the changelog of GPlates since it was posted on our website on The Cesium Javascript library is used to render the 3D globe in a web browser. The binaries also include the GPlates-compatible data described below.

GPlates Resources

The polygon walls show isolines where the isosurface and its two deviation isosurfaces intersect the wall. Here we are loading Virtual Geomagnetic Pole data and assigning each pole to a plate based on the dynamic plate polygon that contains the sample point of the VGP.

An animated screen-capture of the main GPlates window, with the EarthByte global coastline file and Bernhard Steinberger’s time-dependent dynamic topography raster images loaded, animating a reconstruction from 60 Ma to 0 Ma.

The attributes in a Shapefile may be viewed in a compact tabular spreadsheet-like format, with one attribute per column.

The updated Manage Feature Collections dialog offers the ability to reload a file from disk with a single click, as well as the ability to enable or disable a feature collection without unloading or reloading the file.

Modifying the geometry of an isochron at 20Ma, with a background raster image showing spreading rate. A reconstruction of gplattes Eurekan Orogeny incorporating deformation constraints.

GPlates – Wikipedia

GPlates is desktop software for the interactive visualisation of plate tectonics. The GPlates portal can be used to … Read more…. These data-files are also contained within the GPlates installation packages, and will be automatically installed with GPlates.

Human civilization is built on the premise of relatively stable climate and coastlines Yet the geological record reveals numerous episodes of enormous change, innovation, … Read more…. Velocities smoothed across a plate boundary avoid abrupt changes in nearby plate velocities. You can now insert vertices into the middle of an existing feature geometry, or even extend the feature geometry at either end. The core reconstruction engine is powered by the cutting-edge open-source plate-tectonic reconstruction software, GPlates, and the visualization is made available by using Matplotlib Basemap Toolkit.


This data has been updated and extended in many ways for the GPlates 2. The main GPlates window on MacOS X, with the the global coastline file and the time-dependent ocean floor-age raster image sequence loaded.

An animated screen-capture of the main GPlates window, with a simple topology from the sample-data directory in the GPlates source code loaded. Add a review Tell us your experience with GPlates 1.

gplates 1.0 software

The Relative Rotations tab contains a table of relative rotations for each moving plate ID. Views Read Edit View history.

gplates 1.0 software

For users of GPlates 1. Watch the GPlates 0. The source-code packages contain simple sample data, but the larger data files described sftware will need to be downloaded separately. The first beta release of pygplates the GPlates Python library is now available for download.