Watch the Flash movie showing the new features of CodonCode Aligner 4. CodonCode Corporation supports teaching and research by making free licenses available through two separate programs: They also work with novel phages of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Pseudomonas putida , which has both environmental and clinical significance as P. Her research focuses on the post-diapause development time of the ECB and its connection to the gene flow between populations, as well as the temporal isolation and its link to its genetic locus. Michael Emerman’s lab , he studies whether polymorphism in cytidine deaminases genes of African Green Monkeys results in differential antiviral function against HIV-1 replication and retrotranposition events. Tip of the Day:


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The first beta version of CodonCode Aligner was released in Aprilfollowed by the first full version in June Researchers at universities and non-profit organizations who would like to use CodonCode Aligner in their research, but do not have the funds to purchase a license, can apply for a free license. Retrieved from ” https: To apply for a free license for CodonCode Aligner, please submit a detailed application by email to grants at codoncode.

MACSE accounts for the occurrence of premature stop-codons and frameshifts during the alignment. Masembe is a veterinarian and molecular geneticist.

He is interested in epidemiology, resistance mechanisms and novel treatment of resistant organisms. Futhermore she is codoncofe the extent of the influence through an invasive fodies species that is likely to hybridize with the endemic Aldabra fodies, possibly causing their extinction.

Free Licenses for CodonCode Aligner

Assemble cDNA to genomic sequence. He uses CodonCode to assemble codkncode align DNA regions of the virus to analyze geographic patterns of genetic variation across viral meta-populations. Import your sequences in sam format.


Read about these biotechnological applications in Carmen’s user showcase. Peter Hull, a dermatologist and medical researcher at University of Saskatchewan.

Susana Vazquez, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina Susana’s researchat the University of Buenos Aires focuses on the study of the structure and function of microbial communities, mainly in hydrocarbon-contaminated Antarctic environments.

In the project view, samples and contigs can also be moved by drag and drop. If you would like to use CodonCode Aligner for more than 30 days in classes, or if your or your students may have used trial versions of CodonCode Aligner previously, please look at the detailed instructions for applying for teaching licenses. Error correct NGS reads before assembly to get larger contigs and scaffolds.

Free licenses for CodonCode Aligner

Easily customize the way sample names are interpreted for your sequence names. Velavan TP and codoncoode researchers investigate the role of host genetic polymorphisms during disease episodes to enhance the understanding of how complex cellular and molecular mechanisms regulate the host immune response to infections. The example screen shot shows features for a SNP detection project. He currently studies the American endemic genus Cnidoscolusexploring its biogeographical patterns and phylogeny at the Institute of Ecology, A.

CCA’s power for looking at multiple sequence trace files together and analyze variation between species and codocnode during marker development is the key reason why I would be eager to use it.


View and Edit Traces The trace view show sequence chromatograms and base calls. This can dramatically reduce the need to edit your sequences. New “Import Subset” option: They will use CodonCode Aligner for the trimming of vector sequences as well as the alignment and generation of consensus sequences from forward and reverse sequencing reactionsthat will facilitate the downstream analysis required for the design of PCR primers required to successfully amplify polymorphic microsatellite loci.


Balmer is part of a research group at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute that works on various zoonotic diseases.

Assemble bacterial genomes and small NGS sequencing projects.


The blue background for matching bases makes it possible to quickly see which bases would align. Future direction of this project will be to come up with a management strategy for a sustainable fishery of jacks in the lake that will protect the correct species and critical ecosystems. In AprilCodonCode Aligner had been cited in more than scientific publications.

Windows Mac Linux Mobile.

In addition, David works on the genome database Ensembl and teaches students about DNA sequencing, and sequence manipulation on the computer. Major upgrades were released in,and Create new folder when moving sequences: This page shows screen shots of CodonCode Alignerour tool for sequence assembly, alignment, editing, and mutation detection for Windows and Mac OS X.