Later, Santiago and Joni wake up on the island’s shore, isolated from the rest of the ship’s passengers. Contents [ show ]. They are all perfectly still and staring straight ahead, as if locked in some form of stasis. Secret of the Living Volcano is a computer game released in June 28, Puzzle of the Pyramid 5th Grade Adventures:

cluefinders 5th grade

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The ClueFinders are on a mission with Captain Clark, Leslie’s sailor grandfather, to find out why so many ships have been disappearing in a certain area of the Pacific Ocean.

Leslie, Owen, and LapTrap end up in a chamber with a large chasm. Retrieved April 4, A robotic face on a wall starts speaking to them, and informs them that they must create a bridge sequence in order to access the first biosphere containment tank.

cluefinders 5th grade

In other projects Wikiquote. Leslie and Owen find a way to release the specimens using using the computer guarding to them to simulate a predator-prey relationship that would allow the species to thrive on the aliens’ planet.

cluefinders 5th grade

Santiago thinks they may be a clue to why so many ships have been disappearing in the area. They quickly run in different directions. Then, a gigantic spaceship shaped like the island emerges from the water, and in a flash, it zooms away.

Suddenly they hear a loud sound, and a strange creature with a green hand tries to grab them. Joni and Santiago get trapped inside one of the spheres themselves, and as they look around, they realize that many of the spheres contain people who got trapped on the island. Every time the islanders tried to leave in boats, they were mysteriously pushed back by the waves, and since they were cut off from the rest of the world, they had no way to call for help.


ClueFinders: 5th Grade Adventures for Windows () – MobyGames

One of them initiates a launch sequence, and another causes a door to open up to the sea outside. The Mystery of Mathra 4th Grade Adventures: The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: Joni and Santiago alert Owen, Leslie and LapTrap as to what’s going on, when they suddenly an ominous, beast-like shrieking sound.

cluefinders 5th grade

The CrypTiles are needed to complete challenges near the top and bottom of the island. Sign In Don’t have an account?

ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures – The Living Volcano Islands Castaways | eBay

The Secret of the Living Volcano – Review – allgame”. Leslie wonders where the last CrypTiles went, and Captain Clark replies that they are somewhere out there, in the cluefjnders of the ocean.

There are two areas that can be explored at the start of the game, the island itself and the ocean. The Secret of the Living Volcano Cover art. One by one, they each push the button in front of them, which cause different effects to the island.

Joni remarks that no one will believe what happened, but Santiago insists that they will, since they should still have a couple of CrypTiles left in Joni’s backpack. Joni and Santiago return to Captain Clark’s ship and show him the tablets they found.


ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures – The Living Volcano Islands Castaways

They are startled when they suddenly see Captain Clark in one of the spheres. Captain Clark remarks the island isn’t on any of his charts. The ClueFinders discover that the key to solving the island’s mystery could lie in the CrypTilesartifacts with strange writing scattered throughout the island.

The aliens wish to harvest human brains for graee, since human brains are considered a fine delicacy on their planet.

After Owen and Leslie release all of the specimens, including the people who were captured, the aliens finally catch up to them and attempt to seize them.

55th from ” https: Archived from the original on December 12, However, when they look at Joni’s backpack, the bottom is completely torn.

They fall down a passageway into a chamber where they reunite with Owen and Leslie. However, just when their own ship comes into view of a tiny uncharted island, a tsunami promptly forms and hits their ship. Use dmy dates from October Articles cluefihders Infobox video game using locally defined parameters Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images Articles using Video game reviews template in single platform mode.