Briggs further explained in a November interview that his Yorta-Yorta heritage means that he represents “a long line of leaders and story tellers”. Retrieved 13 March It seems there is a little internal GE rivalry with Briggs playing on the other team. In October , Briggs was the seventh MC to participate in the Rapper Tag series of videos that featured Australian rappers who had been ” tagged ” by Newsense. Archived from the original on 2 June

briggs sheplife

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Original, a sheplire project with Trials from the Funkoars. Retrieved 15 May Briggs also articulated his paradoxical experience of parenthood, whereby he feels both strengthened and made vulnerable. Briggs explains that the inspiration for the album has been drawn exclusively from this environment, and that the name Sheplife is a testament to the town.

briggs sheplife

In respect to growing up in the area, the artist has stated that:. The Cup event, which was inspired by an impromptu “kick-to-kick” game at a wake near the Melbourne Cricket Ground[68] was brigga to coincide with the anniversary of Hunter’s death and raised funds for Australian cancer charity CanTeen.

Sacrifice is the cornerstone of my career.

Golden Era Facebook fan page. Retrieved griggs December Retrieved from ” https: I’m not done talking about that yet. Briggs has also been a prominent figure in speaking out against instances of blackface in Australia, including two Ballarat men dressed as Aboriginal people, [70] [71] basketballer Alice Kunek[72] [73] a young boy’s mother who wanted to fulfill her child’s wish of dressing as an indigenous sheplifw player without understanding the racial insentivity of doing so.


An Australian tour in support of the Sheplife album, with “special sueplife Hau Latukefuoccurred in October and November The episode included interviews with Reason, Suffa and Trials. Originalwhich also forms part of the Bad Apples label.

Briggs – #sheplife lyrics

In a February interview, Briggs stated that he is separated from his daughter’s mother and used the analogy of “spinning plates” to describe the process of balancing work and family life. Archived from the original on 26 January Briggs then moved to the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda so that he could more easily access contacts in the local hip hop community. But, now that it’s on the table, it doesn’t mean there’s a weight lifted off my shoulders. Lyrics B Briggs lyrics.

AZ | Briggs – #sheplife lyrics (Sheplife Album)

He was one of many who would turn out to be long lasting friends who have continued to champion my music,” Briggs said. Contestants are required to download vocals file, in addition to other material, from the SoundCloud page to produce their entry.

Your favorite music community. Briggs is an Indigenous Australian of the Yorta Yorta people and the tribe name is tattooed on his forearms. There are still a lot of small minds sheplie a lot of stagnant attitudes as well. The album has been described as “angry, polemical, brutally frank and meant to inspire a response, good or bad” and features a variety of different Indigenous music artists, such as Geoffrey Gurrumul YunupinguDan Sultan and Thelma Plum.


That was scary for some people. The Sydney Morning Herald.

Golden Era Records | BRIGGS: SHEPLIFE TOUR

And he was only 19 years of age. Parade Of The Dead In terms of his sound and style, Briggs described an evolving process in latewhereby his sound has become “loud, aggressive, hostile and endearing at the same time”. And that’s what’s important to understand: I feel I represent my blood sheplie everything I do, not just music. Views Read Edit View history.

briggs sheplife

Retrieved 7 September Adam Briggs has been making hip-hop since For two years I wasn’t really actively working towards anything,” Briggs said.