My system is Ubuntu 9. Bluecove programming problem Wed Oct 23, 7: If not, please check your bluetooth dongle installation. My grateful thanks go to Robert Savage who sorted out issues with the included library for use with the hard float operating system. However a combination of those two allowed me to keep a backup SD card during development. I got below errors from Maven:


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I tried sun-java javasun Bluecove programming problem Wed Apr 30, 1: Copying the server jar BluetoothServer. Board index All times are UTC.


Link object files to library: Select all sudo apt-get install blueman bluetooth bluez-utils. By using any of the content of this project you will be deemed to have read and agreed to the disclaimer. Now the server runs automatically when the Rasberry Pi boots up.


Central Repository: net/sf/bluecove/bluecove/

It should be started like this: My system is Ubuntu 9. I got below errors from Maven: First of all thank MyRevel for creating this useful guide.

WiimoteLogger and Ubuntu Hello, the Whiteboard ist great work.


Unfortunately i cannot use the WiimoteLogger under Ubuntu 9. On my Windows PC: If not, please check your bluetooth dongle installation. BluetoothStackBlueZ not available bluecoge-2.1.0.jar com. I was just guessing that it might work. Bluecove programming problem Mon Oct 28, It just reported insufficient room.

Download bluecove-2.1.0.jar : bluecove « b « Jar File Download

Preparing the Raspberry Pi. Native Library bluecove not available Notify system of new Java: Bluecvoe-2.1.0.jar takes me back. Rebooting now brought me straight to a command prompt. I haven’t actually tried this with Java 8 yet, but I’ve amended what worked for me in Java 6. It is working now! Bluecove programming problem Sat Apr 01, 9: Bluecove programming problem Fri May 02, 9: You are free to copy and use any of the content of this project for non-commercial purposes.


Home Features Stages Disclaimer sitemap template Sitemap. Copy BlueZ Java classes: I used the Backups directory on an Iomega network drive which I could access both through Windows on the laptop and Linux from the Raspberry Pi.

Index of /pub4/sourceforge/b/project/bl/bluecove/BlueCove/2.1.0

WiimoteLogger failed to launch java. WiimoteLogger and Ubuntu Hi, I tried sun-java javasun I made a new release that uses BlueCove 2. I can connect the wiimote via bluetooth described in http: