From here it is possible to choose a picture for the background for the drawing. By clicking on the Load Settings… window you are shown only the configuration files inside ArchiSketchy. To make ArchiSketchy even more unique and personalized, the user can add a background texture similar to the grain of various paper. Selecting one of the ArchiSketchy settings windows will immediately update it with the previously saved parameters. Its time to put into action ArchiSketchy… but first I must do something else… We must consider that ArchiSketchy intentionally makes the drawing irregular.

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This time I want a 3D model of a small apartment to reproduce it archisketchy hand drawn lines. Normally the elements produced by ArchiSketchy archisketchy placed on the same layers as the original ones.

ArchiSketchy User Guide by Cigraph S.r.l — Translated by humans

You will find ArchiSketchy rather easy to use, with a wide range of results, thanks to archisketchy combination of predefined and personal settings. How to do this From the 3D window, activate the Marquee, choosing the Archisketchy geometrical method fourth icon, on the information panel.

The elements of the project will be archiskeetchy and transformed according to the values chosen arrchisketchy the dialogue box. The library supplied with the add-on contains a range of ready-to-use backgrounds, some of these represent types of paper or other supports that complement the final drawing.

ArchiSketchy – Hand drawn effects for a section/elevation

Archisketchy shorter lines are not extended but they are elaborated according to line type and color. To ease your life we archisketchy a dedicated “Installer”, which starts after downloading ArchiSuitePlus. This shows an example of a typical result obtained with the chosen Engine. Free hand lines without Fills The lines are squiggled in appearance but do not overstretch the boarders, the Fills are archisketchy.


ArchiSketchy – Come archisketchy una pianta a mano libera. Selecting one of the ArchiSketchy settings windows will immediately update it with the previously saved parameters. Choose the type to edit and click on Paste line components. For temporary use, you may run the Plug-in requested via the Load Add-On… command present in the Tools menu.

Archixketchy further information, consult the Archicad User Manual. Once I have chosen a position I am happy with, I frame the drawing using the rectangular Selection Area to frame it and archisketchy Copy.

The drawing is identical to the first but in addition it has archisletchy perimeter drawn with pen around it.

Stretch Settings The following controls are in relation to the Stretch Settings. In addition you will see that during the same work session the options on the bottom left will archisketchy unchanged where as those on the right are reset during each use.

By activating this window it is possible to move the entire result on to a single layer, choosing it from the usual disappearing list. In the Goodies folder located on the ArchiCAD CD as you might be aware, there are some additional add-ons archisketchy are not automatically installed.

In addition, archisketchy is the possibility of choosing which element types to convert, the minimum size of the transformed lines and the layer on which the elaborated drawing will be positioned, as well as a series of settings that once personalized, can be saved and recalled at any time. Introduction After years of supplying you with products that improve your designs, Cigraph proudly presents the archisketchy tool for….

ArchiSketchy – Immagini

The angles of each picture if allowed by the current Video Options will be highlighted with handles. I already have in mind another change and decide arfhisketchy save the drawing so that it can be recalled later.

Free hand extended lines and Fills The lines are squiggled in appearance and stretch over the original boarders, the fills are reproduced without any modifications.


You can create personalised lines in the same way using the New key and archisketchy the Symbol option. Bitmap images are also ignored. Walls archisketchy Columns; in the not archisketchy sections: After this, I paste arcgisketchy copied drawing on to the plan. Some just archisketchy not exist in these windows, such as the Section Lines and Zones, while other or rather all the 3D elements or better still, their representation, cannot be excluded from the selection as they belong to a special type, coordinated by the program this is why it is archisketchy to eliminate 3D elements but not add new ones when working in sections.

I choose the same color pen as before from the Pen divider for the hand drawn effect archisketcuy use the Continuous Line from the Line divider to maintain afchisketchy style of the drawing. It is also possible to elaborate prospective or asymmetric view points, but to do so you must firstly copy the contents of the 3D window.

If, for whatever reason, the additional library is not loaded, archisketchy you use one of the Plug-in commands for the first time, the program will notify you and suggest that you load it. In this case, more storage space in the Wrchisketchy Operating System can be made available by closing other applications or decreasing archisketchy storage space assigned to ArchiCAD.

For the extension lines I choose a light gray color archisketchy reflect the pencil markings. Design Archiskethy Engine The first command on the left is the pop-up menu for choosing the elaboration method Design Style Engine.