This mix is exclusive to our soundcloud page so please make sure you follow us and tell your friends. Compiled by Hyperpanic Hyperactive 25 and Dont Panic. Not limiting itself to one specific genre, the label has been responsible for hundreds of releases in a broad spectrum of electronic music. July 9, Label: Koktavy – Astral Initiation Elegant yet energetic, subtle yet encompassing, this supersonic ballet is a psychedelic onslaught for your mind and body.

arcek and friends

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Virtuanoise,Cosmo,Arcek,Zigurat_4 aliens at work – Video – ViLOOK

Freq36 – Hope Analysis has concluded these psychoactive sound maps could hold the key to accelerating the evolution of our species. DoMe – OffBeat Entertainment! HyperBurst – Anima Friencs This is for pure purposes of sharing.

arcek and friends

Give us a listen and have a great weekend ahead! There are many sub genres within it — Dark, FullOn, etc. Dinotic – Ajamorra We have arrived at the peak of imagination.

Prepare for lift off. Massive grooves, amazing vocals and harmonical stories inspired from lots of musical cultures in one psychedelic project that keeps you on the dance floor to dance and feel!


Listen to Arcek And Friends now.

Oxidaksi vs Virtuanoise – What’s Over V. VA – Daily Dose For me all of it is Psychedelic. JunxPunx – Aomurasaki Arcek’s music is recognized for his fresh style, fast bpm, powerful bass-line and crazy hi-tech sounds that gonna abd you fly into the strange, twisted and colorful psychedelic universe.

Xandoz – No Gravity Sonic atmospheres range from meiotic alien environments to earthy tribal beats and organic soundscapes. This album will guarantee a never ending blast! We have lots of these big festivals that last for two-three days.

This compilation full of cutting edge psychedelic tunes will blast your mind! Hyper Aliens – Freak Speakers Tune in, into the depths of STZ music. Freak Records is proud to present their next release Blasted Freaks.

arcek and friends

Free Radical Records’ 9th release Tested On Aliens is the follow up release from Tested On Animals featuring predominantly vs tracks from artists on the labelwho some will be featuring their frineds releases on the label in the upcoming futurethe release is a banger from word go and is seriously blasting at the end all the artists on the release are masters at what they do and it clearly shows through out this release. All rights reserved to the artists and record labels.



‎Arcek and Friends by Various Artists on Apple Music

Arfek has a bit of everything. Fungus Fabulas compiled by Hyperactive 25 Track Nr. What makes this genre different from other genres of Electronic Dance Music, and your music especially? However, as an artiste I like to be flexible.

Arcek – Novaembre People try to put me into different styles, but I never follow one.

arcek and friends

Most Psychedelic Trance music is underground. Kaikkialla – Human Melodrama As for the gig, I have lot of fans here in India; they would often request us to play here. Nibiru – Theory Of Everything