On the same year they released their 3rd single “Shopnadishto” in the mixed album Lokayot. Suharto , Aldnane , Sufi , Nafeez , and Ranjan. The music video of Hariye Jao has recently crossed 4. They have one of the highest Facebook followings of any Bangladeshi rock band. Retrieved 9 September Retrieved from ” https: Mixing and Mastering was done by Iqbal Asif Jewel.

arbovirus shohor

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They are also part of two other brands: Their third album, Bishesh Droshtobbowas initially planned as a B-Side album of the 2nd album with the left over tracks from their second album.

arbovirus shohor

On the same year they released their 3rd single “Shopnadishto” in the mixed album Lokayot. Aldnane joined shortly after Jishan left.

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On the same year they also released the music videos of “Obhishap” and “Shopnadishtio”, both directed by Rommo Khan. However, the vocal take of “Durotto” and “Hariye Jao” was recorded at the personal studio of legendary singer Kumar Bishwajit.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. For shohir single “Prarthona” drummer Turjo from Miles came in to support the band and played for the track.

Arbovirus (band)

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Till February the song has crossed 2.


Retrieved 21 December Guitarist Ranjan has been contributing to different bands as a lyricist for quite a long time, even long before he formed the band. On they released a branded converse shoe by Apex Footwear Sprint. Retrieved 16 May In — under the pseudo name Phi — two of his solo tracks have been released in the arvovirus album “Shomoy” under the banner of Gaanchilwith collaboration of Adit Ozbert of Fatman Films. Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject’s importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance.

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At the end of Shuvo left the band as he would permanently move to Australia. Regardless arblvirus the frequent changes in the line up — they kept on releasing singles through the mixed albums of Rock Series compiled by Iqbal Asif Jewel.

Band organized their first ever solo concert since their foundation to commemorate the 15 years of the journey and the launching of their third album. Retrieved 13 January Mixing and Mastering was done by Iqbal Asif Jewel. They have one of the highest Facebook followings of any Bangladeshi rock band. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. At that time the bassist Salek from Reborn played in the band as a guest member.


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The song “Goal” was specifically aimed at the football lovers as it was the season of the World Cup Football. Their first album is titled “64minutes 53seconds”. Inthey also released their second single “Obhishap” in the mixed album Din Bodol. Retrieved 3 August The album cover and sleeve photography was done shohlr renowned photographer Munem Wasif and all designs were done by the band’s long-time friend and graphics arboovirus Hasan Imam Shiplu.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Arbovirus. Their debut album 64m 53s was released on July 20, under the banner of G-Series.

The concert was held on January 13, in Russian Cultural Center. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. But later on the band decided to add more songs to it and release it as a full-length album which now consists of 9 tracks.

The album included 12 tracks; recording mostly done on the studio Dreamdeskand Studio Bass. Retrieved 28 September

arbovirus shohor