It’s on Progstreaming right now! Not generally to my taste, so I’m not the best to comment, but the ending is really nice from about the 4 minute mark on , and it seems like good symph. So I guessed at the themes. Emmanuel has a good voice that is nearly the opposite of Carlos’. I and many other reviewers immediately placed it in the same category and level as Classic Yes. Their eyes reflected all past glory and memories Have maybe they returned? Digest that for a while as Virginia lights the sky with those ‘Going for the One’ pipe organ sounds.

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Their time will come. C’mon, Anima Mundi is among the top symph prog bands in the world right now. And as I was listening to the album I notice that is exactly that the biggest problem with The Lamplightereverything is ‘correct’ and ‘good’ but there’s nothing on the album with a few keyboard anima mundi the lamplighter that make me say ‘oh yeah, now we’re talking’ or even get really excited about.

The Human House 3: I just want to be honest.

Anima Mundi – The Lamplighter ()

Kaleidoscope eyes, where do you pretend to go to? Lastly, I feel that the vocal melodies have suffered. I think the name has different meaning with the Black Sabbath one.

I don’t say this to be cruel: His Majesty Love 6. No one saw her birth, a rite of fire anima mundi the lamplighter of stars, each form of life Her thoughts becoming in every single mind Listen to the tales from Endless Star. Soulful solos by the bucketful are the name lammplighter the game, and an almost exploratory vibe is felt throughout the album.


Just try to sit still with that guitar and stellar key extravaganza going on. His voice is far away from being a bad one, but the problem for me lies in his accent.

The Lamplighter

His Majesty Love 6: This may be the closest they get to ‘Schizoid Man’. Well, I anima mundi the lamplighter been listening to this cd non-stop since I received it, and I m The Lamplighter, takes an unmistakable turn in style towards the symphonic progressive spectrum.

I was the tireless pilgrim in the forest of twisted roots Who has carried the flame in my chest? Light the lantern of your heart Monsters and fears, shade beliefs where light never had come in Light the lantern deeper inside, fade these nightmares are wandering in Cast your spell of star shine stitched If you went to a hopeless land, light the lantern of your heart.

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The Lamplighter – Anima Mundi

I thought Solitary Sandpiper Journey by Karfagen was a much more artistically successful album in a similar mode. Overall, though, this is still an ani,a album. The artwork captures the theme perfectly, with anima mundi the lamplighter hearth representing your heart, full of flame, along with the other Earth signs.


Come to the Lamplighter House Walk to the lighted human house You are being so close coming from far I bring the light to the human house, to the human house. Excellent Animz era keys and guitars re-open the second part of the track.


I am the voice that calls hearts. But in the end, it has to be just right. On this anina, she is no different.

Acoustic and electric guitars, vocals Virginia Peraza: Virginia’s bold marching keys will stun and amaze, as always. The guitar work already is creating new signature sounds which lampilghter get even better further on.

Light the lantern of your heart Light the lantern of your heart, heart. The problem isn’t that, very often bands comes from different places with singers with a bit of accent and that’s fine.

Yes, the drums will rock your walls or earphones. I think he has promise, but I just don’t know how he can compete with his predecessor. Who could really tell that a band of Cuba with al the caribbean environment