We recommend that you do not overlay the Listener and Debug Listener views with other views that you need to access while running Prolog programs. When you create a project, amzi. Sign-up for the Amzi! The Nani is your security blanket. These are the adventure game Nani Search , the intelligent genealogical logicbase Family , the customer order entry system Custord , and the expert system Birds. The goal you type is the goal that will be debugged. Projects can be created in the Eclipse workspace directory or in a different disk or directory.

amzi prolog

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Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server

A Prolog project consists of all the source files in the project folder. The upper right shows the binding of the Prolog variables at each level of the call stack. You can delete a project from the navigator view and amzu Eclipse workspace also by right-clicking and selecting Delete.

Appendix This appendix contains sample versions of the four programs described in the book. Eclipse uses a workspace to keep track of all your files and projects. The applications can be exported and deployed in any of the environments supported by Amzi! You can peruse them by clicking on any entry in the call stack.

A rule language and reasoning engine that is embeded in Excel, allowing for the ami of rule and pattern-matching applications integrated with Excel spreadsheet data. These short-cuts build an Eclipse Prologg Configuration for the currently selected project. See overview for a detailed description of the full product. You can”t turn on the cellar’ ,nl, write ‘light, but there is a flash light in the desk in the’ ,nl, write ‘office you might use.


You can open a perspective with the Window Open Perspective command, or by pressing on the buttons in the vertical bar on the left edge. An ARulesXL application that allows for the encoding of vaccination knowledge in a spreadsheet, and the deployment of that knowledge into any other application context.

Logic Server Extensions are loaded explicitly and do not need to be set in amzi. So typing ‘listing’ will run under the debugger. You can also add more views to your current perspective prllog using Window Show View.

See Opening, Closing and Deleting Projects below. You can set the size of the heaps and stacks and other parameters in this file.

amzi prolog

The editors are in the middle view and use colors to highlight built-in predicates, strings, comments, et. The buttons on the upper left view let you single-step or run your program.

Knowledge Wright was made possible by the expressiveness of the Prolog language for the development of knowledge based languages and reasoning engines, and Amzi!

amzi prolog

Also on the bottom is the Prolog Listener. For example, you can add the Basic Navigator view in the same place as the Outline view. The Run As and Debug As menus provide short-cuts for running interpreted and compiled Prolog projects. Prolog source code debugger showing call prolov, variable bindings, source code at a REDO port, index of predicates, and executing code.


amzi prolog

A Launch Configuration defines the environment for running a program. Individual pricing rolled back to previous millenium! The right hand side shows an outline for the currently open editor. The LSAPI enables the host language to query Prolog logic bases, and also allows Prolog to call extended predicates implemented in the host language.

Amzi! inc.

It is also where the Cross Reference the axrf tool can be run. You can also create a new Prolog Project in an existing directory, in which case all.

Basic versions of Amzi! If you do this, then all the plm files in the referred project will be linked into your xpl file. The Eclipse support for remote and compiled code debugging provides powerful tools for developing commercial grade applications.

These are called ‘Perspectives’.