Personalize your avatar with clothes and accessories. Dot Matrix , Devokan Trust Curator. Save on travel time and shoe leather by hosting business meetings and even entire conferences in a virtual environment. Visit our forums if you have any questions, or want to share what you’ve created. I do have a theroy I think is the same to yours.

ameba pico game

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Regardless of the money, it doesn’t matter anymore. Anonymous November 19, at 9: If Tomley was rich and had a lot of fans, Why would he hack Pico? Even though lot’s of people tried to say that Pico is coming back, It really isn’t. Save on travel time and shoe leather by hosting business meetings and even entire conferences in a virtual environment.

ameba pico game

Plus, I can’t speak Japanese: Our virtual-worlds platform is built using advanced cloud-based systems that provide more features and better performance than regular OpenSim. Personalize your avatar with clothes and accessories. Sell your virtual goods in Kitely Market.

ameba pico game

Cyberagents making lies about not having the “source” the “money” They profit over 3 Millions dollars a year or something like not. I have met soo many friends in Pico from all around the world and it’s really opened my eyes to everything that has been happening.

Anonymous January 5, at 1: Then I got hacked, so I took a long break and today, I decided to start playing again.


This means that if you decide to leave Kitely you’ll be able to take your creations with you. Anonymous February 18, at 3: I ;ico feel intelligent!

Ameba Pico – Free Multiplayer Online Games

No description Show more. Guys im the creator of pico well my mum is the only reason why it got shut down because some hacker did but were making a new one okay we dont know when it will be open but oh yes it will open go to piggers. According to many sources, it has been said that the game was sued by a teenager’s parents after their child almost got raped from a man she met online. Hitthequan Kenya December 22, at So that’s pretty much it Maturity Rating Maturity Rating: It closed beacause some girl in America called Tabitha Lang got tracked down and kidnapped because some pedo saw her pico profile and got her facebook off it and tracked her down from there!

Well Anonymous is correct in some sources, some soures have said thet ambea was sued by a teenager’s mother when she gave her address and the stae she lived in to a 30 year old posing as a 17promising to see herblah blah blah he tried to rape her blah blah blah her mother sued ambea pico and they lost the case but i agree mostly with this case only because i never meet someone who can hack an entire site of they or truthfully couldn’t provide more updates to the game.


Guys my mum is the creator of pico she didnt lico it down but some kind of hacker somehow did well were making a new pico and it will be open soon we just need to like build everything we will be finesheing as soon as possible but just in cause it might open go to piggers. You don’t have to be an expert 3D modeler to look stylish. Anonymous May 28, at Remove image Remove image.

Ameba Pico

Pico only said that they lost funds and that’s it. Kitely is a great platform for all education-related activities.

And watched me play. Kitely is the 1 choice for hosting OpenSim virtual worlds, home to many artists, educators and business owners.

Anonymous April 23, at Visit historical recreations of ancient cities, practice chemistry with human-sized molecules, or learn a second language with native speakers.

This line says “The Yomiuri Shimbun reported that the agency will ask social-network game operators to stop using the system because it prompts customers to pay excessive fees”, meaning that gatchas are now banned because of the costs and how much people gamble on them.