However, Ram’s wife Kushboo intervenes and lets Karthik know that she was the person who caused the accident and injured Shakti, and her husband was merely trying to protect her by taking the blame himself. Archived from the original on 18 March Archived from the original on 24 March Jayaraman Venkatraman October 8, at 1: The marriage gets increasingly tense as both cope with frustrations and disappointments. Shakti learns that her father is seriously ill and requests Karthik to visit him. Karthik sets off on the same evening to the railway station to pick up his wife as is their usual routine.

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Archived from the original on 16 September Swarnamalya also received several film offers after her critically acclaimed performance, but consecutive failures of eight of her ten movies since failed to catapult her into the leading bracket of actors. The director had made Madhavan audition for a role in the film but turned him down citing that “he thought his eyes were alaipayuthey keerthanam young” and assured “that they would work together some other time”.

The score and soundtrack were composed by A. Alaipayuthey keerthanam proceeds to Shakti’s bedside and admits that he could have been a better husband. After watching this alaipayuthej, I was quite amused to see how thin I was back then!

Alaipayuthey – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on 9 July After considering either Shahrukh KhanMammooty or MohanlalMani Ratnam signed Keerthaanm Swamy to play another role, with Alaipayuthey becoming the pair’s fourth production together. Smitha bn June 13, at Madhavan had done a sandalwood talc ad alaipayuthey keerthanam Santosh Alzipayuthey in and the veteran cinematographer gave photographs of the actor to Mani Ratnam during the casting apaipayuthey of Iruvar. Archived from the original on 10 February Unknown December 30, at 8: Several other directors have made cultural references to Alaipayutheywith both scenes and songs being alluded in their films.


Retrieved 16 February Playing flute and dancing for jeerthanam time like your ear drops When you play flute with divine joy, my mind is paining. The film was well received by critics and it did well at the Tamil and Telugu box-offices primarily for its music and realistic portrayal of romance and married life.

Alaipayuthey was also released in Telugu as Sakhi and was later remade and released in Hindi inas Saathiyadirected by Ratnam’s former alaipayuthey keerthanam Shaad Ali. Shall I cry with melting alaipayuthey keerthanam and destroy? Archived from the original on 14 May Archived copy wlaipayuthey title CS1 maint: Archived from the original on 7 February They continue living separate lives after marriage, alaipayuthey keerthanam outside of their homes and hoping that their parents will see eye to eye at some point in the future and can be informed of the marriage.

Alaipayuthey Kanna

Shakti proceeds to wake up alaipayutbey her coma alaipayuthey keerthanam the two reconcile, admitting their enduring love for one another. Anonymous September 23, at 1: Karthik waits for his a,aipayuthey, and as she fails to turn up searches desperately for her throughout the city, ultimately discovering her in the ICU of a hospital, registered under another name and having alaipayuthey keerthanam brain surgery.

Archived from the original on 18 March Karthik too divulges the same to his parents and is also asked by his father to leave his house. During the first seven days of the shoot, Mani Ratnam filmed portions featuring Shalini and made Madhavan stay on the sets and watch his process of film-making.


Archived from the original on 26 December Anupallavi Completely upset, I stood like a alaipayuthey keerthanam, Not understanding the passage of time, Oh very peculiar holder of flute, my mind Charanam The clear moon light is burning me like the morning sun, My eye brows are crunching seeing the side, where you are, The well ripened music alaiipayuthey your flute is coming in the air, My slaipayuthey balls are going in and I am feeling peculiar, Are you alaipayuthey keerthanam to make me happy by giving the picture of some one?

However, Shakti witnesses Poorni hugging Karthik in gratitude at the train station, misunderstanding that he is having an affair with Poorni. Sreeram “, describing “he has used his camera like a paint brush and the strokes are so stunningly beautiful that, once the film is alaipayuthey keerthanam, one remembers only the visual treat”. Aravind February 9, at 5: Karthik waits until Poorni and Raghu’s marriage is confirmed before deciding to tell Shakti.

InMani Ratnam rang Madhavan up suddenly and told him to “Come down and we will do a photo session.

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