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Have you tried DC Unlocker? Learn how your comment data is processed.

This will allow you to find out whether your E is SIM Unlocked when you are done executing all the above steps. Leading Today Pts Helpful 1. Wait then modify your sim. I have no idea t his is all new to me. Yes No usfarouk said: Thank you very huawri U are genius.

Huawei EC Unlock USB 3g Modem

Status Not open for further replies. Menu India Broadband Forum. It will simple sit there. If not, then ask me and I’ll PM the stuff to you. I want to unlock my huawei e modem that do not prompt for unlock code?


Reasons why should start using Google Allo instead of WhatsApp. Unlok the internet and close the software of modem.

What would you like to ask? Your email address will not be published. There are many tools for unlocking huawei modems i would suggest you to use dc-unlocker or dc-crop go search it on google.

How to unlock ynlock mtn modem. New models are being added regularly. Aircsl Threads This forum This thread. This is it your done. Place the imei unto the Huawei atb and jot down the flash code of the modem. Are you sure that you can use the internet service of some other service provider via dialer? Jun 22 Help Go to top. This site is best viewed while logged in. Now in the market, customised and un-customised, both firmware modems are running.


I have tried with inserting 2 different sims it never prompts me for the unlock option…. How do i unlock huawei e ,the normal huawei modem unlocker is not able to decode? Huawwei download the Universal Master code software from the link which is provided at the end of the article. How to unlock huawei ec model The modem is lyk read only dude i have tried writing the unlock code it accepts but does not unlock coz the datacard is read only softwars do i do men.


Huawei E1750C Unlocker (No Firmware Needed)Download :- Modem(Netsetter) Dashboard

It is fast takes 5 – 60 seconds to unlockeasy to use and functional program with clear interface. How to install and what to expect from Google Allo? No need to huawwi any COM ports, auto detect function. Download the needed software which is the Universal Modem unlocker.